TV selections for the NFL

I pretty much watch football all day on Sunday and I have Direct TV. So most people say Direct TV has more options and better NFL games on. Well this is true for Thursday Night games on the NFL Network and it does have NFL Stat/Scores on the NFL Network every Sunday, as well as NFL recap of games and NFL Real-time, which shows the duration of the rest of the week, recapping all of the early Sunday games. What I don’t like is that they only have one option for a game on at noon and/or on at 3:15, yes I live in central time. Channel 8 or 9, somewhere in there, has a game on at noon and 3:15 90% of the time this year, but channel 3 or 4 only maybe has a noon game or a 3:15 game, not both. There is a channel 12, which shows in the title that it has a game but it is always blacked out and is always the same game channel 3 or 4 has on. Channel 12 has more games on most of the time but I can’t watch them because it is a black screen that says this game is currently on a different station. So what do I do go to channel 3 or 4 and see that they have advertising on until 3:15, so I get stuck with whatever the noon game is, which is usually the Vikings who are painful to watch this year. I know Direct TV offers NFL ticket and redzone, but that cost tons of money. I am not lying it is very expensive, I looked it up in August and said nooooo wayyy! So I have the option on Direct TV, which is supposedly the best TV producer out there for football, to get the NFL ticket package and if I don’t get it I can’t even watch 4 NFL games from noon until night. With cable I usually got four games with the occasional three. With Direct TV the most is 3 games and sometimes 2. Now I don’t know if the NFL has limited their games on every TV provider, being: Cable, Direct TV, and the Dish, and Cable only has the same options as Direct TV because I don’t have cable out in the woods, doesn’t go out that far. But Direct TV needs to change there NFL selection of games on regular channels and do it quickly because I want to watch at least four different games just in case one of the games sucks, which one usually does! So is Direct TV better than cable?, no it is the same. It is only better if you buy all the extra channels Direct TV offers so in the long run it is more expensive. At least cable offered On Demand for pretty cheap and doesn’t go out that much when the weather gets bad. And when you live up North in the cold when we get storms, it will go out most of the time. Should be a fun winter for watching football games on Direct TV. I gotta wish for no bad snow storms on Sunday’s, like the snow storm we are having today. Suppose to get eight inches, and it is bad. So like I said yesterday we will get snow before the day Jesus was born and we are getting a ton of it. Also Direct TV has too many high channels, why can’t they just have more normal channels. Have ESPN on channel 31 not 206, which took me a long time to remember. And TBS on 29 not 247, I believe. I just know FX, TBS, and Comedy Central are high in the 240 somethings. Can’t you tell I remember every channel on Cable but can’t remember every channel for Direct TV and I have had it for 6 months now and have gone without Cable for six months but I still remember every single stations channel. I mean make it easier for people to remember the channel. People aren’t getting any younger, in fact we are getting older and I am not old at all but Cable has easier channels to help older people to remember the exact channel the station is on. “Keep it simple stupid!” My advice: if you live in town up north somewhere, you have the choice to choose between Cable and Direct TV, and are older, chose Cable or just don’t chose either, your choice. It will make life so much easier either one you chose.

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