Lebron’s Return and Lingering Heat problems

On Wednesday Lebron James returned to Cleveland for the first time since “The Decision”. It was a very fulfilling night for James and people could say for the whole Cleveland Cavaliers team at the same time, as every single player scored a point in a losing effort. The Heat just blow out the Cavs, 118-90. The Cavs only got to 90 because the last couple of minutes the Heat used most of there bench and Daniel Gibson, a Point Guard for the Cavaliers, was still trying. So James ended up getting 38 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, surprisingly no turn-overs, and most important the win. I was impressed with Lebron’s return and how he played with all the emotions, hate, and booing that comes from Cleveland by the fans. The game itself wasn’t very entertaining when the Heat decided to dominate the rest of the game, about the second quarter. Finally the last couple of games the Heat have looked like the dominate team that everyone expected them to be, but they still need to make some minor tweaks. A 12-8 record for the heat is still not cutting it for the salary cap they have and the players they have. They might have one too many big egos and ignorant people on that team now but sometime the talent has to show up, right? Lebron shows up in Cleveland and Wade shows up whenever he feels like it or is hot and Bosh I have no idea. Chris Bosh is probably the worst out of any NBA players out there. If you haven’t seen yet Bosh made a comment about the Heat coach, Erik Spoelstra, about how he is “pushing the team too hard and he needs to dial it down a little bit”. What an arrogant stupid jack-ass. When does he have the right to over-mind a coaches way of practice. I can understand if he says his practices are not effective and don’t work by not working players to their core, but Spoelstra does this obviously by Bosh making himself look like a wimpy jackass. What a baby! First off Bosh is in the NBA being paid the big bucks and hasn’t played all that well, definitely not well enough to earn that money he is getting. Why is Bosh complaining about doing hard work in the first place, he is getting tons and tons of money. I would work my ass off in practice if I got to earn half that salary he gets. No whining out of me, now if I didn’t get money then I wouldn’t even consider it, I guess I would do it but only for a work-out and on my own terms. Lebron has even had some problems with the head coach, why is this? James is complaining too! They have two of the most ungrateful big as the Space Needle ego’s with HUGE salaries of players on one team! Yea they might be playing better now but with these two guys on the team it is only going to get worse. I am guessing if the head coach does not win a title for Miami this year he will be fired if not before because of the two bone-heads. I do not blame Spoelstra for the mediocre record by the Heat so far. I blame the chemistry between the players that causes turn overs and the two big acquisitions in the off-season of Bosh and James. I believe Wade is trying to work with them a little harder and actually listens and respects the coach. I understand that Wade has been with the coach longer and that might be a reason why he likes him and doesn’t say anything bad about him. But I believe if Wade went to Cleveland or Toronto in the off-season he wouldn’t be acting out and blaming the coach for the problems. Wade is definitely more respectable of a player and smart, I have always liked Wade and the game he plays. James I always thought was all right as a person and needs improvement on the jumper. Wade lead his team to a title and James hasn’t. So who do you think was a better teammate overall? I mean once Kobe got his act together after Shaq left and stopped having a big ego he has won two titles in a row now. Shaq only won one without Kobe and that was because he had Wade, another dominate Shooting Guard. If James had Shaq, which he eventually did, I don’t think James would have won any titles with him. Although James had a great game against his old team, he needs to change his attitude and grow up. I would say the same about Bosh but I just think Bosh is always going to be slow and just seems like that guy who won’t ever get it, he is just plain ignorant. If James actually went to college for a year he might have had some what of a solid ground to grow up fully, I mean I can’t expect that much from basketball and football players. Look at Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss, it took them a good 7 years in the NBA/NFL to grow up and some would even argue now that they still need to get some air out of there heads, but I think they have really grown up, especially Kobe. Chris Johnson and Darrelle Revis still needs to grow up and we will see what season they will be on before we see a change in them, they are on their third and fourth seasons. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Dwayne Wade, Andre Johnson, excluding this past week, and Derek Fisher have grown up for the most part before they came into the sport they love. Anyway, good win for James and the Heat and I believe James will still have the city of Cleveland in the palm of his hand every-time he plays on that court. They gonna see who runs this town.

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  1. also michael says:

    I don’t know much about any of what you’re taling about but you certainly sound convincing, self-assured, and just like a professional sports writer. Nice job!

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