Just Football Talk

I wanna acknowledge Leslie Frazier’s second solid win as a Vikings head coach. I should say first blow win, as the Vikes demolish the 2-now10 Bills at home like they should. We played with passion and effort that is what won the game for us. We did this without Percy Harvin and Brett Favre. Favre went down on the third play of the game where he threw a pick. I was thinking this game was going to be low scoring even before all the injuries. Tavaris Jackson did not start off well in the game as he threw a pick six, for those who don’t know he threw it to the defender and the defender ran it all the way into the end zone for a touchdown, good enough explanation of what a pick six is? haha. So the Vikings were down 7-0 early and it did not look like a good day for us like most days. But I was impressed with how Jackson responded by throwing solid passes to set up the long TD throw to Sidney Rice, who reeled in a fantastic catch from Jackson that should have been picked off. Also the defense got pressure on the quarterback and we gave the banged up Adrian Peterson some touches for the game and he was very good with rushing over 100 yards and 3 touchdown runs. Sum of the game Rice and Peterson are beasts.
In other news “Da Bears” won a squeaker 24-20 over the Lions. How did they win, with the help of the refs again!!! The refs called an unbelievable bad call on the defensive of tackle, Ndamukong Suh, of the Lions in the second half, which of course lead to a Bears touchdown. I wish one time the refs wouldn’t make stupid calls during a Bears game, especially when they play the Lions, the Lions always get screwed over. Just because Jay Cutler acts like a baby doesn’t mean the refs have to treat him like one. Cutler probably was like complaining by saying something like “that kid over there pushed too hard and it hurt,” haha. Players get paid and the refs need to learn that the players know what kind of hits they will take. Stop babying every player. Cutler was a fair runner as he tucked the ball and ran and he decided not to slide so Sun pushed him to the ground and gets flagged for it. Come’on man!
Along with the refs having horrible calls recently how about Peyton Manning. He has been bad out there. First off the Colts lost at home again in OT to an okay Dallas team and Manning threw 4 interceptions against a bad secondary in Dallas. I thought Manning would pick that defense apart but defenses have been changing there ways of playing against Manning as position players go in different places where they wouldn’t normally be in a NFL game. Manning is not playing well and needs to get his act together if he wants to win the division and get into the playoffs, has Manning even missed the playoffs in his whole starting career? The Jacksonville Jaguars are leading the division with a 7-5 record and the Colts are 6-6. They shouldn’t press the panic button yet because the Jags are the Jags but if Manning doesn’t play better this Colts team doesn’t have a chance because no one else can pick them up. They have a bad running defense and absolutely no running game without Joseph Addai. Manning has to do this himself again, what else is new. Can anyone else on that team step up. The only reason Manning and the Colts won a Super Bowl was because of the Tony Dungy factor. I have never seen Manning play this bad with Dungy as head coach and I think the reason for all these picks is because of no support on the field and not as good of coaching off the field. Look at the Super Bowl against the Saints. Manning threw two picks in that game and threw one in a crucial part of the game, which he barely did with Dungy as coach, for the Saints to get a game clinching pick six. I have never seen this many picks consecutively for Manning in crucial parts of the game. He needs his coach and his running game back.
Right now I am watching the Baltimore and Pittsburgh game where I have picked the Ravens to win and I want them to win at the same time. I also want to see Big Ben get hit, as his nose was already bleeding in the first quarter. It is going to be a rough tough a lot of running and field goals type of a game. Also since every one is talking about the Monday Night Game and hyping it up so much I will talk a little about it too. The Patriots I pick to win and for Rex Ryan to eat his words. It will be a low scoring game. Can’t wait to watch, should be interesting. That is all I have to say about this game.

Sum up the rest of the Sunday games: Green Bay dominating with the win over 49ers as Tampa Bay could not hold on to a 4th quarter lead to the ATL. Saint Louey ran into the desert with a great defensive game against the Cards, as Seattle played games with the cats (Panthers). KC pulled a win out at home against the inconsistent Broncos, as Oakland raided into sunny CAL against the inactive Chargers. The MIA keeps the struggles at home against the Browns and there less than effective running game, as the N.O. Saints blow a lead and then get it back as the Bengals continue to be the Bengals. New York looked Giant at home and tore off the Skins of Washington, as Philly comes-back on Thursday Night Football against the painful looking Texans D in the land of Brotherly Love. The fight against the two big D’s tonight and how Monday Night Football will turn out into a brawl for us all.

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  1. also michael says:

    What can I tell you Bosco, this is strong, passionate, colorful writing. I don’t know if you know what you’re talking about but you sure sound like you do! Very strong and convincing.

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