When the going gets tough

It seems some people these days just give up on life after a couple of bad things happen to them. Like when kids first go into college and just give up because it is too hard for them and they have problems with family and/or a girl, they will drop everything and stop trying. I have been in common situations in high school with having family problems, girl problems, and some friend problems, which I brought on to myself. Did I give up and stop going to school? Hell NO! I know when it feels like no one is supporting you or feels like no one has your back it is easy just to go into a drunken faze, you know. If people let it effect them and the way they live life I have no respect for them. I am understanding if they are going through a hard time but that is life. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. That is what people should do, why just give up on your whole future and go off and get drunk or high the rest of your life? People might think partying and stuff is cool but does it really matter in the future because half of them who still live in the party life or give up on life overall will struggle just to pay bill to bill. When life deals you a bad hand learn how to make that hand the best hand you can. Don’t let life run your life let you run your own life. By giving into the bad that comes from life you are playing right into life’s game and have lost. Get your shit together and be who you are. Learn from your experiences and grow from them, so you can teach others what you have learned and have seen. If you put yourself into a drunken hole and never get out of it then you are setting yourself up for failure and giving into it. If that is the way you want to live your life then do it but don’t brings others down with you. I have had friends who I got along with, but they have tons of issues of there own and they have brought me down with them into doing what they do. I personally will never let a friend bring me down again, I’m a be who I am and do what I do, not what my friends do. They can do them and that is fine, I have grown and have matured from doing stupid shit all my life, I got all of that out of my system in high school. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten all of that out of my system too early because now since everyone has moved onto college it seems like everyone has changed and do stupid shit all the time. I guess every person grows up at different times, I guess my time was at 16. I could have easily picked the stupid shit road at that age of 16 because usually people are less mature, but I decided I would just try in school and do what I needed to do to graduate and my real family supported me and helped me through that. It was hard at first trying to make a different crowd of friends and your old friends hating you for some stupid shit. I really don’t give a shit anymore because I found a couple of different groups to hang with. And now they are still cool with me, but they are all over the world and most likely are changing cause of college and being on their own. That’s cool with me but I rather them stay who they are and don’t do stupid shit. I have had a dysfunctional side of the family my whole life and do you see me saying fuck you world? Nah. I am my own person and the way I grew up is just life; it doesn’t shape who I am. I mean I have seen my dad hundreds of times, and I still don’t know who he truly is and probably never will. I look at my mom and see how she raised four kids on her own and my dad just seeing us every other weekend, each weekend getting more awkward then the weekend before. Look at Eminem he made a movie about how he grew up. He sure didn’t have to grow up, could have easily gave up by his surroundings; a dad he never knew and a mom who didn’t care about him, I’m lucky I had mom who cared about me, if I didn’t I don’t think I could have done what Eminem has done or done anything and I will always admire him for that. He decided to do what he loved to do and something he was great at; even though he had no family support and a lot of people didn’t like what he was trying to do. So when you see your life being messed with, whether it is a girl breaking your heart or a father or mother not being there most of your life or your so-called friends don’t have your back, don’t give up your life and future. Give your life and future a chance, you gotta fight for what you want sometime and if you fight your hardest you will kick some of life’s ass. Be real and be who you are not who you grew up around or didn’t grow up around or how you grew up.

Dedicated to my friend*

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One Response to When the going gets tough

  1. also michael says:

    what a fine essay. i love ya, bosco.

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