Why I don’t like Sunday Night Football

I was watching Sunday Night Football like every week yesterday, until it gets annoying or boring, and this game was one of the best Sunday night games of the year. The reason why I don’t usually watch the whole game is because of Cris Collinsworth, the second announcer to Al Michaels. I like Michaels as an announcer and always have. I very much enjoyed the team of of John Madden and Al Michaels for seven years and since Collinsworth has come in, well lets just say he is extremely annoying. He always makes excuses for the players and always has that too pumped up voice about every game and every single play. When a game isn’t even interesting he still says I love this right here and this is awesome. I am not buying it. He is just trying to make himself look good by keeping a positive attitude and being a former player himself he always goes out of his way to defend and make excuses for every player. It would not be as annoying if he didn’t do it consistently throughout the game. In the Packers and Vikings game this past season when Brett Favre threw three picks Collinsworth defended Favre every time he had the chance and said his ankle is definitely hurting him after Favre threw a six pick to the Packers. This week he was all over Ben Roethlisberger about how he is so tough getting his nose broken and with his foot not having much mobility and how good he is with all the injuries. He also way overrated a play when Ben got out of a sack from Terrell Suggs just to throw it away and was like that is the best play I have ever seen. First off it was a quarterback getting away from a defender and escaping a sack like Big Ben does all the time and any other quarterback has done, even Eli Manning did it in the Super Bowl, which was a way better play then Ben escaping away from Suggs. This so called “greatest play” he has ever seen was an in-completion that was 2 inches away from being a flag of intentional grounding by Ben, so he got lucky by a couple of inches. Also if Suggs would have just hit Big Ben instead of wasting time trying to strip the ball we wouldn’t even be talking about this and we would be talking about how Suggs hit Ben hard on his ass for a sack. So after Pittsburgh takes their first lead of the game Collinsworth continues to say these are the two best plays I have seen. The other play was when Ben threw a one yard pass to a running back type of big guy and he broke a tackle and ran 5 yards into the end zone. What was so special about this play? A simple broken tackle that happens every single game usually more than once, ha. It just amazes me how Collinsworth tries to hype up simple plays and will excuse every single player, usually a quarterback or a known player, when they make a bad play. And not only does he do this he does in continually every game in every quarter on every Sunday Night. Collinsworth said during Sunday Night about Ben “say what you want about him but he’s a Warrior” or whatever other name for a guy who is strong he called him. I will say what I want about Ben thank you very much and if he was implying that we shouldn’t like him for his conduct and reputation he has made off the field for Pittsburgh than Collinsworth is a sick man himself for not caring about what Ben has done off the field. I just want to clear this up about Michael Vick and Big Ben, both have been in trouble off the field and have had some very stupid moments. Vick has paid for what he did in jail for a year and has worked his way back to being one of the best quarterbacks out there this season and looks like he is truly sorry for what he did, making dogs fight for money. And people are able to see how Vick has changed with his work ethic and his loyalty toward his team. Ben has not paid for what he did, and if you call being suspended for 4 games this season punishment that is nothing. Ben did something to actual people, two women that we know of, and did not get punished for it with jail time or anything else and does not seem like he has learned anything from his wrong-doing. So Collinsworth please stop defending players and making excuses for them, it is getting very annoying and is ruining the game of football. I would mute the game but I like listening to Michaels and what he has to say, so I am broken between muting it and not being able to hear Michaels or listening to Collinsworth stupid-ass all game long. I do always have a back up show or something else to do when Collinsworth gets annoying and the game sucks, but when it is a Sunday night game like it was yesterday, which I was wrong about my prediction of who would win, I want to watch and listen all game long. I don’t know if Collinsworth thinks he is going to get something out of routinely saying all good things about a player and what they do, even if that player does something bad he will make a good excuse about an injury or blame it on some no name player on the team. I think Collinsworth thinks the players will like him and want to be his friend or something. Maybe he is gay, I don’t know, he might think Favre and Roethlisberger looks good in football uniforms or something, he does get really excited in his voice, ha. Also did you know they bleep out the word fag on television. I saw it today and was like what?! This was on Comedy Central to boot, one of the most crude television shows out there. Personally I am not gay and think it might be offensive to some gay people to hear that word be bleeped out because they are implying that word is a bad word and is really comparing fag to a swear word. I don’t have a problem with it and don’t think television should bleep the word out. Anyway now it looks like I am comparing Collinsworth to being gay, which I am not, I am joking about him might being gay and I am only saying he is being annoying by defending every player, as I have said before. Now with me repeating myself I sound like Collinsworth, great.

By the way Patriots are killing it 38-3 over the Jets in the fourth with the Patriots driving. I was right about Rex Ryan eating his words.

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