Teaching Policies

Let me just say I am in college and I know every teacher/professor has their own way of doing things. Like whether someone can hand in late work or take a test later or earlier, and being in the class on time and participating. All teachers have there own way of doing things. I just have to say experiencing getting screwed over by a teacher wasn’t my best experience ever, ha. Say you were sick, like throwing up, and you couldn’t go into class and take a test or had to go to a funeral or something, don’t you think you should be able to take the test you missed? I sure as hell do. Now this teacher I had didn’t let me take the test because you have to have a doctors note if you are sick and if you go to a funeral on that day, too bad you lose 100 points, what a dick. Now I know this is some teachers policies and a idiotic one at that, but why can’t they be lenient sometimes? I know they will have to go back and make a time for the student to make-up the test and then grade it and/or an assignment, a lot of work right? I do think it is, but suck it up teachers it is your job, what are you getting paid for, work, so do work. I understand that students are the most trustworthy so that is when the restrictions will come in. Now some policies are plain, YOU DON’T HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE, NO MAKE-UP. I think teachers shouldn’t do this policy at all, but don’t be too lenient either. tell the students in the beginning you can have 2 or 3 make up assignment or tests throughout the semester if you miss a day with no doctors note when there is something due. And just so the teachers won’t have to do anymore work than that tell them it has to be made up and/or turned-in within a week, so they won’t have make-up tests or assignments at the end of the semester from chapter 1. This sounds smart right? So why don’t any teachers have this policy? Probably because the 2 make-up assignments per student is too much work for them, haha. Teachers will know if student is lying at the end because that student will miss more than just five days without an excuse during the semester and probably fail if they don’t try. I missed one day of class that happened to be on a test day and get 0 points out of 100, which brings my grade down to a low C instead of a solid B. Now am I going to have a chance at an A now? Hell no! I will be lucky to pull out a B and my GPA will suffer from this class. This doesn’t seem fair to me because I am paying for the goddamn class. I mean a teacher can cancel a test day at the last second if they are not feeling well and they don’t have to worry about making it up, they’ll do it whenever they feel like it, and are they even sick in the first place or just making an excuse too? Again paying for the class so show up or let me make up a test! I know it is easy for a teacher to say no you can’t make it up and stick by that and make excuses that I do it for everyone, that’s my policy always has been, and I have been burned in the past by students making up tests. Or I don’t know if I could keep up with all the made-up work, this is why you limit each student to make-ups and it is your job, other teachers have the same policy and you will have it the rest of your college career, and I have my PHD so I can do what want. What a bullshit stupid-ass arrogant thing to say. Teachers will use their college degree to say why they can do something but you can’t. Aren’t teachers suppose to help students out and teach them? It doesn’t seem this way for some professors in college. The only thing I will learn from teaches that will stick with me the rest of my life is never be a teacher and if someone is a professor, especially if they are a college professor, they were the students once getting yelled at or screwed over by their teachers in school and are taking it out on their students. I will say I like this teacher in the way he has a favorable grading scale using points but it pretty much evens out if you get sick once or twice, so really the positive side of the point scale is canceled out by the negative side of the ridiculous policy. I also like that this professor actually has discussions with the students and not just lecture all the time, like some other professor’s. But overall I guess every professor will have something I don’t like, but this policy is one of the worst things I have heard of in my schooling career.

Also I hate the kids that suck up to the professor always raising there hand having something to say about everything. Or the students that say your policies are fair and I like them when they are not. Like today in my class the professor that has the stupid-ass policy as asking the students what they think of his policies. Some students said they were mad they got no points on a test they missed because of a funeral or didn’t have a doctors note for that day. But then most of the students started saying I think the policy is good and fair and makes sure the students aren’t lying. I just wanted to get up and walk out of the class. I was going to say something but I knew if I got into it I would bitch out the students that were praising his unbelievably unfair policy to the college students that have to pay a shitload of money for their education nowadays. I have no idea why these kids were saying it was a good policy, it is beyond me. All I can think of is they are trying to suck up to the professor, what would that do for them being the end of the semester? I am asking so many questions on this blog today because I am very confused about some of the teachers policy and why students would say it is a good policy when it clearly isn’t fair to the students and they are college students that are paying for their final grade for the class. The students could be rich and not care about the money and just want to impress a professor, might I add a professor that is retiring at the end of the semester, so it wouldn’t help them out in for future classes with him, ha. Summing this up, stupid policy mixed in with some dumb-ass kids. Now I know why kids go into the military, much love for everyone over seas and to my cousin and step brother, keep doin’ what your doin’.

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