The copy cat of hospital shows

Some say and think the show Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best shows that is still on today. I say, no. Now I am not saying no because it is more of a drama show than a funny show or saying no because everyone else likes it so I will decide to hate it. I say this because this show copies other shows that were on before Grey’s was. I don’t like writing staffs or shows that gets too close to other shows that have been on before them, like Glory Daze. Maybe Glory Daze is a bad example because it hasn’t been on that long and is not funny, but really it does copy all the college movies from the past like “Animal House” and That 70’s Show but without the humor factor. I am just saying they follow the same concept and setting with similar characters. So Grey’s Anatomy does fall in the same category as Glory Daze by copying shows like the long going series ER and Scrubs that was on for eight seasons, actually nine but I don’t count the last season. I will admit I have seen the show but only because some of my family likes it, Grey’s Anatomy that is. I have never watched a full episode because I get bored of it after 30 minutes. First off the show is not trying to be funny and if I want to watch some show that is located in a hospital saving life’s I can watch ER or Scrubs. I mainly watch Scrubs for humor and the other aspects that the show brings, like fantasy’s and the saving life thing they had going on. Now both of these shows have been canceled, ER after 20 and Scrubs after 9, so since Grey’s copies both of these shows Grey’s should be canceled soon. If you don’t believe that Grey’s Anatomy is like/copy cat these shows then watch them. In ER with the seriousness of the show and the hook-ups between co-workers on ER, Grey’s copied that. Also they copied all the drama outside of work from both shows. They copied Scrubs with some of the characters parts and always having one main character to the show, a Meredith and a J.D.. Also Grey’s always has a voice over for the main character just like Scrubs did and has the on-going affair throughout the series between the main guy doctor and the main girl doctor/surgeon. Then, of course, the main girl has a great friend that she works with every day. Scrubs has Eliot and Carla and Grey’s has Meredith and Cristina. I will admit I just looked up the names for those two girls on the show Grey’s, I really had no idea what their names were, haha. See I can only watch a couple scenes from a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and see how close the show is to the other ones, they just combined both of those writing staff ideas. I don’t know maybe a person who wrote for ER and Scrubs is the same writer that writes for Grey’s Anatomy and wanted to combine both of the shows, slap a random name to it, and see how it would do. Well if that is the case I guess it worked because the show is still on and is still successful, this is where Grey’s is different from the Glory Daze show. They are way more successful then Glory Daze will ever be. I want to add about Grey’s Anatomy that they had the actor, Scott Foley, play in an episode recently and that same actor was in several episodes of Scrubs. I know he doesn’t have as big of a part in Grey’s, I do believe, than he had in Scrubs, but it just seems like a coincident that I think both of these shows are a like and then they have the same actor to play in an episode. If you are a Scrubs fan and have seen every episode, in one of the episodes they make a joke about how Grey’s Anatomy is like them saying something like, it seems like that show is living our lives and knows who we are and are putting it on TV, haha. I thought it was clever how they put that in their and it is very true, I think. I know for you Grey’s fans out there will be like Grey’s is nothing like Scrubs or ER. Just because you slap a title to a new show that is way different than past hospital names for shows on TV and totally makes a random name to what a normal hospital show would be named does not make it that different. I know there are a lot for Grey’s fans out there and I understand why, I use to watch ER when I was little and liked it and I have seen most episodes of Scrubs, season 1-8, and like that show too. People might say well then why don’t you like Grey’s? Because it copied two other shows and combined them and I really don’t like the characters on Grey’s, I thought Katherine Heigl was hot and liked her but I heard she is gone now, so those are my main reasons. I can just watch re-runs of ER and Scrubs and to get Hiegl in there I can just watch “Knocked Up”.

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One Response to The copy cat of hospital shows

  1. anon says:

    Thank you for pointing that out!! Greys IS a copy cat!! I watched all the scrubs season before greys and i noticed they copied alot of stuff! Even episodes. Both shows are great but greys looses cool points just for that. Right now im watching greys anatomy and its when callie(the lesbian) gets in a car crash and hears everyone singing and its the same as that scrubs episode when that lady comes in with a tumor and everythings a musical. -__________-

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