Family Guy needs to go back to being Family Guy

I like Family Guy and will always be a fan of the show, but the show needs to go back to being themselves. I mean the first four seasons were original new comedy coming from Family Guy. Always filled with tons of jokes and random skits and interesting story lines, if any. Also not only the story lines but how the show ended up getting to certain stories. I am mainly saying they need to go back because the last two seasons haven’t been the best and seems like they are trying too hard. I mean I saw the 150th episode with Stewie and Brian and was bored for the first time ever watching Family Guy. I was expecting something good and special. Then I saw there was going to be a second part to the episode, so I was like okay it should be all right. But really it was just clips of all the old songs from Family Guy and I have seen all of them and they didn’t even pick some of the best songs in their history. I believe Family Guy should also go back to doing a skit before the opening song for Family Guy because it kind of sets up what the episode was going to be about and what each character was going to be going through. This was a cleaver way of of doing their episodes and they only did it in the first season, I was sad they didn’t do it after that, maybe once more in the second season, why not get back to that? Along with doing this they need to make Stewie, the baby, more of a diabolical baby as an evil genius once again. They make him look gay all the time now and never add in Stewie plotting something against Louis or anyone else. I like when they put Stewie as a gay character but they need to learn how to also mix in the evil genius side with a mix of gay Stewie. Along with this change they need to make Brain less of a know it all in every episode and only a one-sided way of thinking. I know this is how Brian’s character has always been but it has been more annoying lately and Brian has been stars of a lot of episodes as well. I can only take so many Brian and Meg episodes, although they have done just the right amount of Meg episodes and make all of them funny, just too much of Brian the last two seasons for my taste. They need to put more of Peter in their and try to get Cleveland back because the Cleveland Show isn’t doing that good and isn’t that funny. I like Cleveland and maybe it is just because I miss him being on Family Guy in every episode and that is the reason why I am not giving the Cleveland Show that much of a chance. I don’t know because most of my friends only watch Family Guy and don’t watch American Dad or The Cleveland Show. I barely watch either of them just Family Guy. I love Family Guy and have so much respect for the creator, Seth MacFarlane, and the entire writing staff, they just need new fresh shit and stop trying too hard. Needs to go back to the originality of Family Guy, what made Family Guy Family Guy, ya know! I just want all this to happen so I will never be bored watching a new episode of Family Guy again, this happened once and I don’t ever want it to happen again! I also don’t want to be annoyed by the same type of episodes with Brian in it. For those who don’t know about Family Guy, probably more of the women population haha, Peter is the retarded dad, Brian is the smart-ass dog, Meg is the ugly oldest sibling, Chris is the idiot brother, Louis is the hot wife, Cleveland is the black neighbor, and Stewie is the sometimes talking baby. I want to see more stupid Chris lines too like in the older episodes. A line that I always remember and use from Chris is, “I’m so hungry I could ride a horse… ohhh wait..” Haha that is just a stupid great line that has always stuck with me. I just need to add one more thing; when am I going to see another Family Guy holiday special like a Christmas Special, New Years special, or a Thanksgiving special. They have done a Christmas and New Years special back in the second season, which were very funny.They have never done a Thanksgiving special, and I think they could make a funny episode out of it and involve another chicken fight during Thanksgiving and have Peter’s real drunken father come to visit on Thanksgiving from Ireland to meet the family. This season they did a Halloween special, but that technically isn’t a holiday. It was a good episode but I was expecting a Stewie being diabolical when those kids stole his candy but all he did was cry and ask Brian to get it back for him, which was stupid. Where is the Stewie that tied up a ginger freckled boy in the basement and tortured him because he stole Stewies tricycle, “tricy”? He is gone and is only being gay now, Com’on man! Make Stewie cool again and then gay as well. Where is all the new episodes for Family Guy this season, the past month hey haven’t had a new episode but the Cleveland Show and American Dad have. In fact the Cleveland Show did a Thanksgiving special of some sort, where was a new episode of Family guy to be found, nowhere. That’s all I have to say and will still watch the show, and probably always will and if I have any, I will share the show with my kids and say this is true original humor.

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One Response to Family Guy needs to go back to being Family Guy

  1. also michael says:

    I have never seen this show (even though I am a guy – haha) so the character description is helpful and your complaint sounds very valid. But how many years can they keep a sitcom concept going before it wears thin from age – kind of like football players. You’ve already once tuned me into a show that became a personal favorite, but also (like a certain former-cheesetown/Vikings-acquired geriatric, who shall remain unnamed) is getting kind of old and predictable and maybe a show should wrap it up when the writing on the wall spells “s-t-o-p!”. I liked your essay on Family Guy and maybe I will watch a rerun sometime (although I’m also busy watching the funny reruns of The Office). Maybe it’s cold where you are today. It’s so cold here today… “we had to chop up the piano for firewood — but we only got three cords.” Smile and stay warm.

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