The True Beauty of Music

Many think singers or artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga are great at what they do and love their music, I disagree and don’t like any of these artists. Not just because they make weird music videos or everyone loves them and hypes them up, I mean that is annoying but what I am trying to say they don’t have the true beauty of music. They make music like Poker Face, Disco Stick, California Girl, Teenage Dream, Baby, One Time, and Fifteen. These are all stupid music and the lyrics that don’t mean anything and if they try to mean something it is all shit because of the person who is singing it. Someone who hasn’t experienced it or the way they portray themselves and put themselves on a pedestal thinking they are so great, above anyone else, this is all of them. I believe artists like Leona Lewis and Pink have something more behind their music to show to people and their experiences they have been through, also trying not to be the media as much, keepin’ a lower profile for the talent they have. I am bring this up because of this new artist “you outta know artist”, to say the least, Christina Perri and no it is not Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry combined, in fact she is better then both combined. I really don’t know why I like her, I liked Leona Lewis at first because she was hot, but when I actually started listening to her music I actually became a fan. And now with this Christina Perri coming out of nowhere and I like listening to her songs. I know she has that famous song, “Jar of Hearts” out and is a big hit, but still not everyone in the world knows about her, surprisingly. I didn’t know about her until a month or so ago when I listened to I believe Jar of Hearts on the radio and liked it a lot. I never searched her after that, even though I wanted to never got around to it, but I finally saw her on TV and automatically became a fan when I saw her video and music lyrics again. This time I liked her before I saw her, maybe that is why I am suddenly a big fan of hers. And may I remind you this is a straight-ass dude who talks about sports all the time and listens to rap saying this about a this Christina Perri artist. I have to say hearing all of her songs on YouTube, at least 40 of them so far she has a lot, I have become more intrigued by this girl. She gives some chilling goose-bumps at times to me, maybe that is cause it is negative 12 degrees outside or some shit, but I don’t have them all day long, only when she sings. This girl not only sings but plays guitar, the piano, writes her own music, and re-makes songs in her own version, same lyrics, but a different way of singing the songs and she is tremendous at it. Lets just say I want to become a great writer, and she inspired to become a great singer and songwriter; if I am anywhere close to how she sings in the way I write, I will be only lucky S.O.B.. She has the loudest voice on some of these songs and it is not annoying, her voice is good in anyway she tries to sing. It can be soft, raspy, loud, high pitched, low pitched, with or without a guitar, and with or without piano, any way you can think of singing she can be good at it. She has only posted her songs on YouTube with exceptions to a couple of songs, I believe, and she has created at least two full great albums. I mean her one song “Jar of Hearts” was off the charts in the selling market on iTunes, but she has way more off the chart type songs that not a lot of people have heard of. In all her videos she is singing with some extra emotions, dominating the guitar, and the piano. She has one of the best vocies I have ever heard, and whether she is in a small-ass room or in a 1,000 story building, she will own everyone’s attention by the strength she gives. This is not just music that is for the people, it is part of her life and trying to inspire others with her voice, at least inspires me or makes me thinks about certain things differently. I also love the way she re-makes other songs like “I’m Yours”, “Hand in My Pocket”, “I Will Follow you into the Dark”, and “I Want to Break Free”. I am a Queen fan way before a Beetles fan and she absolutely created a new way of singing that song “I Want to Break Free” and it was incredible with the piano playing, and seemed like she had a lot of fun with it too. You re-make a queen song you better do a damn good job and she rocked that shit. This girl has been under-wraps for about a half of year before she got noticed back in June, and if I am a scouting agent and passed on this girl or over looked her I am kicking myself in the ass and retiring for life, thank God I’m not. I like that all her songs are in her apartment and she is bolting out a gigantic voice in probably a little apartment and with walls not being sound-proof everyone could probably hear her. And even if the walls were sound proof her voice probably would still getting through the walls. Also it is funny that anyone can tell if the video is older or newer because in some of her videos she has a tattoo above her chest and other times it is not there. And apparently her song “Jar of Hearts” is about a dude she married and I think a lot of her other songs has to do with him and their relationship, I’m not totally sure but it sure sounds like she is talking about him and how she feels. That is another reason why I like her lyrics, it’s calling out the jackass of an ex for all his stupid shit and what he did. What people can’t say sometimes they just write it and/or sing it, she did both. Listen to her and you will hear the true beauty of music.

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