Weather around the football world

What a day of football in the lovely winter snow. Lets start off with the ever surrounding in the media with the Vikings Metrodome leak. The game was of course canceled until Monday night and then this mourning we found out that the Metrodome wouldn’t be ready for Monday night, so now the Vikes have to play in Detroit’s stadium against the Giants on Monday Night Football on the Fox stations. This is not good news for the Vikes, especially if they have any chance of making a playoff run because now we lose a home football game. I am sure there will be more Vikings fans but still not enough to have a bug affect on the defensive side of the ball because the crowd noise will be limited. The Vikes need every advantage they can get against a great New York Giants football team. Everyone is saying it lets Favre get a extra day of rest to maybe being able to play tomorrow, this could be another bad outcome from the huge tear in the Metrodome. Anyway we will see if Favre is ready and I hope he isn’t because he will get picked in that game if he plays. All we have to do is run, run, and run some more. So with the twirling winds and the snowy sky the Metrodome has fallen once again and creating more drama for a team that already has way too much.
With some bad news you get some good news. Starting off with the Packers losing 7-3 against the Detroit Lions in Detroit. How about that for a Packers collapse. I know it is only one game but if Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, can’t recover from that concussion then they are screwed against the Patriots and the Giants. With this good news the Bears got demolished at home in whistling winds today and blowing pure white snow. The weather for the Bears today was the weather for Minnesota on Saturday. Blistering winds and full on blizzard for the weather has made the NFL be the leading news reporting on weather conditions. Who needs a weather station on a Sunday, haha. The Bears were talking it up today saying we are glad the weather is like this and it will come down to running the ball, “advantage us”. Wow, how stupid are they? Have they not seen Tom Brady and the Patriots in horrible snowy conditions before. They dominate every game. Brady won his first Super Bowl ring in snowy conditions and threw 6 touchdown passes last year in very snowy conditions as the Patriots blew out Tennessee 59-0. No weather can stop Brady. Not only are the Bears the best of the worst but they are also dumb as shit. They are still leading our divisor and if the Vikings didn’t have a stupid-ass coach half the year we would be leading this division and showing how sucky the Bears really are. I am surprised the the Packers haven’t made that big of a jump yet in their record and need to get their shit together and soon. The Bears lost today and got blown out at home and this is what happens to bad teams that go against great teams, now everyone should stop saying the Bears are so good and will win this division, and see who the Bears truly are.
Along with this type of weather sweeping through the football world a dominate defense for the Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the game against Cincinnati. With Troy Polamalu picking a pass of for a touchdown and Lamarr Woodley picking a Carson Palmer pass off as well returning it for a touchdown. The offense for Pittsburgh had a whopping 9 points all off field goals as they blew out Cinncy 23-7. This team would be lost without this defense of scheme and players. In fact how would this secondary look without Polamalu. He changes every play, whether he actually gets a hand on the ball because he influences every player on that defense and makes them better. Take Polamalu out of that line-up; definitely a worse team. Take Big Ben out of the lineup they go 3-1, haha. Never have I seen a defensive player have this much affect on the way a team preforms. It’s truly amazing how he can turn a game around. He changed the game last week against Baltimore forcing the fumble and today getting the pick six to tie the ball game at 7-7. Polamalu in himself is a huge storm that no one wants to be in or apart of, ever! You see a glimpse of the hair and then you know it is all down hill from their, ha.
Two Monday Night Football (MNF) games tomorrow and will watch both of them. I know the Vikes game is limited to news stations, but I will be in that area so will be able to see the game on Fox, along with the Baltimore and the Texans game on ESPN. The Vikes game will be the better and more interesting game, so lucky New York, Minnesota, and all Direct TV NFL Network buyers. We will all get to see the game and if you have tickets to the original game and make the trip to Detroit you will get great seats. If you don’t have tickets and go early in the mourning, at 9 tomorrow, you will be able to get free tickets for the game, not as good seats but their free!

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  1. also michael says:

    Well the Vikes won’t be playing at home but neither will the Giants. I was kind of hoping it would be moved to Lambeau Field (just ’cause it’s a challenge to spell). Looking forward to your commentary. In the meantime, I’m getting my information from one of your competitors.

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