Why you don’t want to become a Journalist

A journalist use to be someone who is respected and everyone appreciates the information and the reporting they do to keep us, the public, informed on what bad things are going on around in your area or interesting stories about someone or something happening in the world. Now, being a journalist is someone who isn’t trustworthy and everyone questions their credibility. What happened to the legendary journalists, the famous reporters and writers. No one who is a journalist is that famous or is that respected by the public for good things, if a journalist is known it is for how they were involved with a controversial story and/or sued for libel. Recently Brittney Spears is suing a journalist for libel, but that is going to be hard to win since she is a celebrity and puts herself in the spot light and being in the media. I don’t know the journalists name, but that person is in the media because of something bad they wrote, which is probably close to being libel if a celebrity thinks they can win. Then again this is Brittney Spears we are talking about, being up and down doing crazy shit a lot of the time or at least use to. Now I don’t know what this journalist said about her, but I doubt she will win because in order for a celebrity to win a libel case they have to prove that somehow this person knew at the time when they wrote and published this article about them that it was untrue. I don’t know how you would prove this in a court of law, so I think it is extremely hard for a celebrity to win this type of case. The reason why I am talking about this is because I have been studying for finals all day and in my Mass Communication class I had to study about journalists and their credibility since 9/11 and what libel is, stuff like that. I actually did think at one time that I wanted to become a journalist of some kind or a sports writer, but I don’t want to have a reputation as a untrustworthy type of person, like a blood-sucking lawyer. I mean that is what journalists are being compared to nowadays and I have to agree. If I did make it as a journalist I would print the truth and all the truth, and I would tell who my sources are unless they want to be kept anonymous. It is easy to say this since I am not in a big newspaper columnist with the “Washington Post” or “The New York Times”, I don’t know what the editors or my bosses would want me to do. And if I stuck to how I believe reporting the news should be kept to the full truth, and I didn’t change something about my story, which wasn’t the truth that my boss wanted me to change I could get fired, so it is just better to not become a journalist because I know I would probably get fired someway for some reason. I like reporting and writing, I just don’t want to go into that business the way it is right now, or rather how it is portrayed now. I rather do a column that is more of the editorial version for sports for a Minnesota newspaper so then the bosses won’t make me change something unless they think it is close to libel. To add to the Spears suing that journalist, she can also sue the editor as well because that person looked it over and decided it was okay to publish. This is why I would hate to become an editor. First off I am not to good with my punctuation and spelling, overall writing mechanics, and wouldn’t want a job that had me read someones article to look for format errors, I would just want to read it for the fun of it and the knowledge gained from it. As you can see in my blogs I do not have very good punctuation, but I don’t have an editor that looks over every blog, just me. I also don’t like that journalism is too involved with politics and seems to always try to report on bad news. Like the government obviously controls news stations, especially in China, to say what is okay to report and publish on. Also the government have been accused of giving false information to reporters, so they will end up publishing it to the public and then we find out late what that newspaper published wasn’t true. So really journalists and newspapers could get more of a bad wrap then they deserve. I mean we as the public don’t know who the source is sometimes and don’t know that the government plants false information out there for reporters who will find it out sooner or later and print that false news. The government plays them and in the long run plays everyone else. Tricky shit. I believe the Wall Street Journal was the first newspaper to report that the government misleads reporters and the public of certain stories and news events. Also I learned while studying that journalists could make themselves get some credibility back from the public, all they have to do is print the full truth all the time, be fair to others, take responsibility for the things they say, don’t give out private sources, ever, don’t be biased; let people see both sides to the story, and be personable by letting people know something about yourself. I am sure journalists aren’t very out in the open like, hey, I like this and do this and live here and my hobbies are. I don’t even like to give personal information sometimes and I have a blog, maybe I should become a journalist now. If there reputation and the newspaper business gets better I wouldn’t have a problem with this profession. Maybe I will find a good newspaper column, but I rather do something else with my writing. There are movie reviewers, get to watch movies and shows and then write about them in their opinion to the public, or I could write a novel, haha. Lets just say if you are a journalist you will get sucked in with the government in someway and being involved with celebrities. This is where most journalists get the bad rep, Hollywood, but then again that is just what I have observed through the years. Don’t get me wrong I would enjoy meeting some famous people just not the annoying famous people. More of the real down to earth, funny celebrities like Adam Sandler and Christina Perri. And to the Journalists out there try to make yourself look better and don’t try to be like a lawyer.

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