The Frozen Field

The Vikings and Bears game this Monday Night Football (MNF) is going to be played on the U. of Minnesota field, TCF Bank Stadium, outside. This is going to be pretty fun to watch if they actually play on the field. It is snowing again in the cities and it is suppose to be maybe get up to zero degrees when they play on MNF. Football has been played in bad weather conditions many of times, hell the Bear just played a cold ass game. And now the Bears players are complaining about playing outside on the field because it doesn’t have a heat system under the field to make it thaw out. This makes me laugh, as one of the defensive players, Chris Harris the free safety, made a comment about the field saying, “what if we hit are head.” He is talking about the field being hard and cold during the game because they think the field won’t be all thawed out. If you are a player and you are getting tons of money for doing your job and you are being a baby because you are afraid to hit your head, which has a helmet on it, on a field that might be hard, you truly do not deserve that money. I mean I don’t get it, the Bears are suppose to be tough guys and defensive minded team, but they are whining about getting a bo-bo. This is their job and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, sorry that’s life, tough. This is not the first time a team has played a game outside when it was so frozen. Nowadays they have heaters under the field to make it softer, but back in the day when the Vikes had an outdoor stadium and they played in December without an underground heater, so did Green Bay and the Bears. I guess players these days are loosing toughness. If I had that much talent and earned that much money you bet your ass I would be out on that field with no questions, hell I would even be the first one out there. Plus they are going to have plenty of time to thaw that field out and make it ready for the game, so why are the Bears so upset? Now this is a thing that I hate about players these days, complaining about stupid shit. Stop whining and go out their and do your job. I am kind of happy they don’t like the idea of playing on the field because it gives the Vikings some extra incentive to have over the Bears to maybe win. I am not saying the Vikings will win the game, but if the Bears players don’t like the idea of playing on the field it is one advantage we have over them. I know Joe Webb is probably going to get his first career start and have Patrick Ramsey as the back-up in that game, but then again we are going up against a bad Bears team who complain about stupid little things. I doubt the Vikes win the game because of the inexperience at the quarterback position, but you never know. It would be cool to crush the Bears dreams of winning the division because if the Vikings win the Bears are done. Two reasons: The Jets and the Packers with Rodgers for their last two games. I hope they don’t move this game to Detroit because it is taking another home game away from the Vikings, but mainly because I want to see the Bears whine more about playing on the field and it will piss them off, haha. If they do move the game to somewhere else I will be mad because I want to see the Vikings play in an outdoor stadium at home during the winter on Monday Night Football for the first time in my life. I have never done that. I want to cross that off my bucket list. So everyone should tune-in this Monday night to watch the Vikings vs. Da Bears literally playing and slipping on a frozen tundra, should be lots of fun to watch, can’t wait.

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