Why Country music gets such a bad wrap

Since country music has been out it has been the most dissed music in the world, it gets even more of a worse rep and ripped on more than classical music, I think. I rather listen to country music any day than having to listen to classical, but I still hate country. I hate it for reasons you might not think of. Usually people don’t like the tune or the singers voices, something along those lines. I hate country because anyone who can sing or talk can be a country music star, better known as rednecks. And they don’t even have to be good at singing in general, people can just train their voice to sound like a southern folk, it’s easy. Another reason I do not like country music is because of the songs they sing, what they call the songs and the lyrics of the song. I mean there is one country song all about “stuff”. Seriously all he talks about is stuff and says stuff like 100 times in the song. What the hell is that shit. That is not a song that is just trying to fill your album with more songs. Another one by the same dude I believe is “I think I Love You”. I am not sure if that is what the song is called, but he says that line a lot in it (I know cause my mom listens to that music sometimes). This is such a half ass song as well. It is about a guy saying I think I love you to a woman. In the real world, anywhere but the south, a woman would never go for that. Who thinks they love someone and then goes to make a song about it? Hicks, that’s who. I mean this is the best love song that country music has to offer and it is talking about maybe I love you, ha. Another thing about country music is you can sing about anything in a song or talk in that song just to make it longer. All county music is talking about is something like “I was walking down the street when I saw you kissing him and I didn’t know what to do, so I ran down the street and cried in the bar the rest of the night. The next day when I woke up I was in a strange hotel room and started thinking about you.” And then it will go to a versus like “I think I love you” or “I got peaches in my basket”. Just simple everyday life shit that people do, walking down the street, talking to other people, going to a bar, in a hotel room, people thinking about other people, and getting drunk. There is absolutely no originality in country music and the only ones who listen to it are down in the south (my mom married a guy from Missouri, but she doesn’t listen to that type of music too often). I mean I was dissing my mom for listening to it a couple days ago, and told her anyone can be a country music star and she said I just don’t understand the music, mainly because I was making her mad. She’s right in a way. I don’t understand how anyone could listen to this or this type of music could sell in the world. I also don’t understand who would want to be a country music star because then everyone will just say that person is a redneck. I sure as hell don’t what that name. Now I might be dissing the south at the same time as I am dissing country music, but I have step family from the south and I got to say they are more crazy then my friends families and they live up north. So really when you hear country music change the station, or if you are homeless try to become a country music star, I am pretty sure that is how all country music stars started off, haha. Only if classical music is on keep it on the stations other wise change it. Although I hate classical music more, it takes a real talented person to actually sing that type or music and to have a good voice, so I respect Classical music and will say it is real music, although very boring to listen to. For country, on the other hand, lets just say it is not real music.

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One Response to Why Country music gets such a bad wrap

  1. also michael says:

    I think you’re kind of all over the place with this one Bosco, but I have to agree that too many CW songs have annoying, insipid lyrics. Another Michael (songwriter Michael Johnson) must have agreed with us because years ago he wrote a pretty funny mock-love song to parody CW lyrics, called… “Gonna Find a Garbage Can That’s Big Enough to Throw Myself Away.” As for Classical, I think it depends on WHAT Classical you listen to and there is so much of it that’s accumulated over the long history of Western Civilization that it’s very difficult to know where to start. (Hmmmm… I wonder if you know any music teachers who could give you some advice about that?)

    Keep on writin,’ mister!

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