Christmas Songs

There are a lot of Christmas songs in the world and are played every single year for about 3 straight months. Even though there are a lot of Christmas songs, there has not been any good new ones in the past five years or so. All we hear are re-makes of past Christmas songs from artists and different way of singing them with a different voice. There is no more new lyrics and names for the songs. If there is a new song to add to the Christmas collection it isn’t very good or there are a very limited songs that are a hit the past ten years, I would say. If you think I am wrong name me off new names and new songs that have to do with Christmas the past ten years, and no country shit that doesn’t count as music. Also it has to be a good song with meaningful lyrics, have a person with a good voice, and it has to be that person’s song, not a remake of another artist. I just can’t believe people these days haven’t thought of any good new Christmas songs, with all these creative artists and people these days you would think there would be at least a couple of big hit Christmas songs. I mean the rappers always come up with albums after Christmas and there is never hip-hop Christmas or Kwanzaa songs out there. I mean the closest ever hip-hop song about any type of holidays has to be Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah songs. We need more holiday songs because I am tired of listening to the same type of songs each year. I know they are classics, but we need more variety out there during the holiday season, wouldn’t you agree. I mean why do you think Adam Sandler made the Hanukkah songs? Because there were no new Hanukkah songs that have been made for awhile. I think songwriters need to sit down this Christmas and write a bunch of new songs, sing them, and get them out there to the public. What are they getting paid for if they don’t write new songs, they especially need more money during the holidays because of all the presents they buy people, so why not make some songs to make some money to pay for all those expensive gifts. So if you disagree with me then show me proof of any new holiday songs and/or a hip-hop holiday song that is out there. I would be very intrigued to what you can find, I can’t find anything that I haven’t heard before.

By the way the Miami Heat just extended there winning streak to 12 games. Looks like now they are listening to their coach.

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