A Monsteriuos Comeback from a Beast of a Quarterback

If you haven’t seen yet from all the highlights and game recaps today, the Eagles won over the New York Giants to pretty much claim themselves as divisional champions and the team to beat in the NFC. Even with a slow start from the offense and only 3 points all first half from the Eagles, which came off a turnover, they managed somehow someway to win this game. I mean being down 24-3 in New York against a divisional rival and to come out with a win that is simply just awesome. But what so tremendously spectacular is when the Eagles came back while being down 31-10 with about 7:35 to go in the 4th quarter. How is this possible, who or what can do this? Michael Dwayne Vick, who was born on June 26, 1980, that’s who. He lead his team roaring back into the game with a long touchdown pass to the tight end, Brent Celek. After that the head coach of the Eagles, Andy Reid, made a great call for an onside kick, this making up for his bad call by not challenging a fumble earlier in the 4th quarter which lead to a Giants touchdown, so it evens out, as the kick was recovered by the Eagles special teams and the drive was then capitalized with a five yard touchdown run by none other then Mr. Vick himself. The score was 31-10 Giants, but no more than three minutes later it was 31-24 Giants. So after the Giants got the ball back the Eagles had some good defense to stop them for no points, this lead to the Eagles marching down the field after the two minute warning and scored on a pass from Vick to wide-out Jeremy Maclin. The two major plays on this drive was two Vick runs for a first down and then some. So the Giants got the ball back with about one minute and 15 seconds to go. The Giants tried to do something but got stopped going 3 and out, meaning having three plays that didn’t combine to go ten yards. So the Giants had to punt with about 15 seconds left in regulation with the score being tied 31 all. So Deshawn Jackson, the Eagles very dangerous and explosive wide receiver, was back to receive the punt. One thing for the Giants to do to go in overtime was not to kick it to Jackson. So what do they do? kick it to Jackson, although at first it seemed good for the Giants as Jackson fumbled it, but then he regained possession and entered a small hole in the special teams and bursted through, leaving only a trail of the rainbow behind him for the Giants to taste. After all this craziness the Eagles ended up winning in regulation time 38-31, when only 7 minutes ago they were getting blown out 10-31. Some might say this a total collapse from the Giants, the G-men, and the Eagles are in their heads, as the Eagles have won 6 straight meetings in a row against the G-men. I think this is part of the ridiculous comeback, but mainly I think Vick n’ Company are a very good team and that is what lead to the comeback. They always have a deep threat in Jackson, a defense who can sack the quarterback, solid play calling, and a quarterback that words can’t even explain how good he can really be. This is an astonishing comeback and one that will go down in the history books of the NFL. I know teams have been down before by more points then 21, but with only 7 minutes and some seconds left in the game to score 28 points in that quarter? That is a majorly an unbelievable type of a comeback. I will always remember this game, even though I do feel bad for the Giants, I did want the Eagles to win. I watched most of the offensive series for Philly in this game because I always like to watch Vick; whether he is not doing well with his offense I always try to watch every single series that offense makes because of his big play ability and his exciting-ness he can bring to the game of football. Truly a comeback that will last forever.

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