A soon to be retired person

If someone is planning on retiring from their job in a month or a year, why not just let them go now and replace them with a new excited younger person for the job. I say this because I believe most people who are going to retire from their job check out and do a shitty job at the end. It’s like they don’t give a shit anymore, so why should they be working still. I mean I had a professor in college that said this was his last semester and was going to be retiring after it when my first semester started. What can I say, he canceled more classes combined than the rest of my four classes that semester, haha. Also he gave us a plan sheet and we were suppose to take a quiz every Friday, but only ended up taking two quizzes the whole semester, along with this he didn’t seem to care to help students make-up missed worked, this is how students got screwed. Beside this he was pretty easy and people didn’t even have to show up and they still would do pretty good as long as they took tests on time. He wasn’t helping the students out any and not teaching them that well, so why didn’t the school just have a younger more enthusiastic teacher teach the class. This is only one example of a job that has a person just about to retire not care. When a manager knows that person is going to retire just say you can retire today, haha. It might sound harsh, but jobs can be hard to come by these days and this could help at least a little bit with more job opening showing up. I have to say the day I lose passion in my job that I do I will quit, and maybe find a new one, or just learn how to make the job more fun. I won’t just sit there with no excitement, I mean maybe there are going to be days where I don’t want to be at my job for other reasons in my life, but that isn’t a long term thing. When someone truly loses passion for the thing they love or the job they do, I say quit or try to find out why you loved it in the first place. Look at Barry Sanders, he quit playing football way too young in his career, but he did retired because he lost that passion he had for it. I don’t like him for walking away way too early, but I respect him for doing the right thing. He walked away after about nine full seasons, and so close to breaking Walter Peyton’s all-time rushing record at the age of 30. I was in diapers when he was in his prime in the NFL, but I have seen tons of highlights and he truly is one of the greatest runner’s and would be the best if he stayed at least two more years. Sanders showed it really wasn’t about trying to be the best or having a record forever, instead football was about the passion for him and at a young age it left his heart. No one can blame him for that. I know him retiring was controversial, but I really do believe it was because he lost the passion for the game. Now we can take a look at Brett Favre, and how he still has the passion for the game at the age of 41. I saw him on that field on Monday night against the Bears, and he looked so excited when he threw a screen to Percy Harvin for a touchdown. If he hadn’t done that I would believe he is only playing football for the stats and for the reputation, but it really is for the passion that he still has. I do think he is done with football this year because he just can’t do it physically anymore, but his passion for the game will be there for a long time after he retires. So if you are a person that is going to retire soon, just quit or find some passion for your job even if it is training some new excited person for the job. Do something, just don’t sit there and not give a shit anymore. Help someone else out by either training them or quitting. Let the passion live on through someone else.

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