Who Knew!

As a Vikings fan I couldn’t be more happy about the outcome of the first Tuesday night game since 1946. The Vikings played well and hard, had solid offense with great defense, and Adrian Peterson rushed for over 100 yards. It was a great upset for the Vikes to beat the raging Philadelphia Eagles. After one of the greatest come back games in NFL history the Eagles didn’t look that good. The reason why Michael Vick getting hit and hit hard. Philly didn’t protect him all that well and it doesn’t help when you have Antwan Winfield, all-around good corner, blitzing all night because the Vikes great cover cornerback, Cedric Griffin, was back. The defense looked awesome against a great Eagles offense, although the Eagles didn’t look their best on offense. Really I think it was because the Vikings blitzed and got to Vick and hit him on every series. This takes a toll on a quarterback and makes him think he has to run around in the pocket so he doesn’t get sacked. I got to tell you even with the Eagles not doing much on offense I can’t blame the loss on Michael Vick even with his 3 turnovers in the game. He did get picked but he felt like he had to throw it or get sacked all night long. His ability to run did make the Vikings hesitant to blitz at times, but he can’t run every play. The defense of the Eagles looked pretty bad against the rookie Joe Webb at QB. They also had some stupid penalties in critical situations, along with letting Peterson rush for over 100 yards with 3rd string guards and a bad center on the offensive line blocking against that defense. You can say Vick lost the game for the Eagles, but he had a pretty awesome fantasy night for having an off night. He got about 23 points and won my fantasy title game for me by two points, I was excited. I will have to admit I was rooting for the Eagles a little bit in this game because I didn’t want the Bears to get the number two seed with a bye because they don’t deserve it. But they got it any ways and with the good comes some bad. If the Vikings would have lost, the Eagles would most likely have gotten the two seed and if they Vikes won the Bears would get it. I am just glad the Vikings beat a Super Bowl team and showed with a good head coach they can be great. Their defense was phenomenal and showed everyone how to beat the Eagles. The Giants are the only other team to have this kind of success against the Eagles offense, but both times couldn’t hold on to win at the end, the Vikings did. This game shows more that the Vikings could have been a playoff team with the type of defense they have and the great play calling with a good head coach and a quarterback that doesn’t bring a shit load of drama with him. Webb was effective but not good. He controlled the game and didn’t turn over the ball. I think he turned it over against the Bears defense because he didn’t start the game and they were already down by a lot. So we will see how Webb does the rest of the season, but I still think the Vikings need to get a Donovan McNabb type in the off-season for a quarterback. What does this game mean to the Eagles? It means they have to play two more games in the next two weeks and they will just have to play one more extra game then they would have before this game to get to the Super Bowl. They will still do great in the playoffs and go far. This means almost nothing to them, if anything it is more of a positive for them then a negative. This game will bring more encouragement for the Eagles to do better in the playoffs.

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  1. also michael says:

    good writing from a good guy about a good game from the comeback Vikings. Oh my poor Eagles (boo hoo hoo hoo). Have a great time with Eric and a fun train ride (don’t forget to go sit in the dome car for awhile, maybe at sunup.

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