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Actors and Actresses

Action: Mark Wahlberg- one of my favorite actors to watch, pretty much like all of the movies he is in, whether it is action or not. But he does make some kick-ass action movies, excluding The Happening I would watch … Continue reading

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Top singing artists

These are singing artists that I would like to meet or would have liked to have met, and not all my reasons are just for there music. Rap/Hip-Hop Drake- He is simply awesome. His rhymes flow like no other, has … Continue reading

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Top sports players

The rest of this week I think I will just do top sports players, music stars, movie stars, and historic people I would like to meet. I don’t know if I will do the specific ones I just named off … Continue reading

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Two weeks away

The 45th Super Bowl is going to be between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now the Packers don’t surprise me that they made it because they beat the best team in the playoffs, the Eagles. Really that … Continue reading

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Loaded Baseball Rosters

So early baseball rosters are up and mostly filled in with most of the free agents being signed, at least the big free agent names. I was looking at some of them and I came across looking at the Boston … Continue reading

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Just some intresting things

Yesterday I found out some almost devastating news that I thought was true and then I found out it wasn’t. The news was that Selina Gomez was going out with Justin Beiber. Gomez is my girl man, she’s simply awesome … Continue reading

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The Best old Time Rock bands

The best old time rock band could popularly be the Beatles. There are for sure two better bands out there that are better than the Beatles. Personally Journey and Queen have better music then the Beatles did. Now I know … Continue reading

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