Leeds ND- the experience

I have not posted anything new for awhile mainly because of the holiday season, and I traveled a bit, and also the new semester at school, so I thought I would start today. I went to this small-ass town in North Dakota and stayed there for a week, Monday-Friday. This is a small town, like I don’t even know why I am writing about this because the town is so small, there is not much to say about it (haha, joke). But it is really small that everyone knows each other and people leave their cars running when they go into the grocery stores, at least in the winter. They keep it running for like 30 minutes straight because who’s going to steal it, maybe a drifter. The reason why I was in the town is because my brother is a teacher at the school, yes they have a school in the town. Now it’s not huge but it is a decent size school, and the school has K-12, so you never have to leave the town. And even if you graduate you can just become a farmer because they have farms in part of the town. I believe the population of the town is 464, about 100 more people than kids that graduated in my high school class. I did go to the school for a half of a day and my brothers room wasn’t that small, and he did have two rooms, one for teaching and one for labs. Lets just say my brother is the science department. Other then the half a day I went to school I stayed in my brothers apartment and played video games and watched TV. I couldn’t get on the internet because it doesn’t work in my brothers apartment, so a week without that. I did stay productive and cleaned his whole apartment and did it for free, how nice. I went to the one grocery store they had and it was a combined video store because it had a little section of DVDs you could rent, how convenient buy spaghetti and a movie. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I was the talk of the town when I was there. I mean all the kids were wondering who I was when I was chilling in my brothers class, pretty funny. As for fun stuff to do, I think everyone goes hunting during the winter and then goes over to Devils Lake and fishes during the summer. Leeds does have two bars in the town, I didn’t go in them unfortunately. As far as activities and fun-ness it’s not really there, for me at least. Really what I realized you don’t have to be surrounded by a lot of things to do, just depends on the people you are with. I didn’t know anyone besides my brother and he worked most of the day. I mean if people had their friends in Leeds they would have fun because they are people who you get along with and know. Of course there is room to meet new people, it just depends whether you are willing to and how long you are going to be there. As for me, I was there a week, so what was the point of making friends, I got to know people but wouldn’t say they are my friends. I did have a good dinner at the superintendent of the school, I got nervous because I thought he might yell at me or something for saying inappropriate stuff or something, but he was pretty calm and had a sense of humor. As for living in a small town I would do it for a job or something like that, as long as it is convenient, so you city people out there stop being so high class and try to live in a small town, it is more calm for sure, not as much traffic. Who wouldn’t like that?

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  1. michael also says:

    I’m glad to see the penman, Mr Michael Barnes, has returned to write yet another entry at WordPress and that a week of small town living was, if not an adventure, at least an opportunity to catch up on videos (a few old comedies, too, I hope) and think about the upcoming Superbowl, your thoughts on which I’m sure will be forthcoming. Until then, I’m hoping you’ll fill in the world (i.e. readers of this column) on what classes you’re taking this semester.

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