Fantasy Football busts and musts from 2010

For every bust player this year I will put a must in that category. I will do quarterbacks, running backs, and Wide Receivers. Now the musts weren’t all the surprises for this year, the musts are the players who had great games and were consistently good every week they started. I will do fantasy surprises of 2010 another day. (some surprising players are on this list).
QB Busts:
1. Carson Palmer- He threw too many picks in critical situations and scoring in scoring positions this year. With great wide receivers he shouldn’t be this bad, so that is why he is a huge bust this year at this position.
2. Donovan McNabb- Only threw 14 TDs to 15 picks. He had inconsistent wide-outs who were great one game then dropped five the next week. The organization of Washington and the coaching staff screwed McNabb over and over again this season by benching. McNabb himself wasn’t that bad it was where he was located this year that made him bad.
3. Brett Favre- Too old, had too much drama, threw too many mistakes, and getting too fragile. This is what Favre was this year. And people drafted him, trust me they did.
(Now I could put Tony Romo and Vince Young in these spots too, but they both were solid when they started, they both just got injured and/or benched. Also Young wasn’t drafted for fantasy football a lot this year, he was a free agent QB so he can’t be a bust.)
QB Musts:
1. Tom Brady- He was awesome every time he stepped on that field and got the least amount of negative points by throwing only 4 picks all season long and broke the most pass attempts without throwing an INT, 335 attempts.
2. Michael Vick- He was not drafted on opening day by many, but he became a fantasy must after week one. Although he had some rib problems he racked up tons of points for fantasy owners when he started, like 50 some in one night against the Skins’. He can run and pass that is simply a two headed monster.
3. Philip Rivers- He lead every quarterback in passing yards and threw 30 TDs without throwing over 15 INTs this season, so he is number 3. He lead the league in passing with only 541 passing attempts, Peyton Manning had 679 pass attempts and Drew Brees had 658 and both had over 15 INTs.
(The third must quarterback was hard to decide on but Philip rivers had better numbers then Brees and Manning, so that’s that.)
RB Busts:
1. Shonn Greene-A lot of people picked him as a great number two back in the draft, but he simply sucked he looked bad this year. He had only 2 rushing touchdowns all year long and had less than 800 rushing yards. He does not catch out of the back field that often and isn’t very good at it either.
2. Cedric Benson- He was expected to be a number one back.Yes he rushed for over 1,00 yards and got a decent 7 rushing TDs, but that is going to cut it for a number one back. Some days you would be lucky to get 5 points out of him and not to mention he fumbled seven times. He got the attempts he just didn’t get that great productivity for fantasy leagues, only 3.5 yards per carry, not that good.
3. DeAngelo Williams- He got injured again like last season and wasn’t that great before he did get injured. Because he got drafted kind of high and a lot he is a bust for only scoring 1 touchdown this year. He never got over 90 yards rushing and never got over 20 yards receiving in a game. Also when he did play Jonathan Stewart stole some touches because Stewart is a better back.
RB Musts:
1. Arian Foster- Had a tremendous season and scored 16 rushing TDs, 18 TDs overall. He lead the league in rushing by over 100 yards and had at least one reception in every single game.
2. Michael Turner- Although he is not going to get many points receiving wise he gets the touchdowns and the rushing yards, finishing third in rushing. He got tons of attempts and stayed healthy.
3. Adrian Peterson- What kind of football fantasy junkie would I be if he was on this list? He rushed for over 1000 yards with over 10 rushing TDs again! He had a solid rushing average of 4.6 per carry and only fumbled once. He did this with some much adversity surrounding him and at the end of the year having lingering knee and thigh problems. He also broke off his longest rushing TD of his career in 80 yards.
WR Busts:
1. Randy Moss- He was taken in the first 20 picks in a lot of fantasy drafts. He didn’t make it to 400 receiving yards this year and racked in only 28 catches with a total of 5 touchdowns. In the last nine games he played in he did not have a TD, had only 7 receptions, and a total of 88 yards. This not even totaling 10 yards per game the last nine games for Moss.
2. Steve Smith (from Carolina)- He had a bad QB all year long and was still drafted in the FLEX positions. Most people thought Matt Moore would have done good as their quarterback. Smith had less TDs then Moss did, he had two. Not once did he get over 90 yards receiving in one game. Not to mention he had a bad attitude with one of his QBs that we know of, Jimmy Clausen.
3. Anquan Boldin- He was expected to be a great number two wide-out and at best he was a dangerous FLEX to start for fantasy owners. He was too inconsistent every single week. One week he would erupt for three touchdowns and over 135 yards receiving and the next week he would get one catch for eight yards. The last four games of the season he was useless, only getting 63 yards receiving with no scores.
WR Musts:
1. Brandon Lloyd- Lead the league in receiving with only 77 receptions and reeled in 11 touchdowns. He had 23 catches of 20 plus yards. And averaged 90 yards a game and had only three games under 50 yards receiving and no games under 30 yards receiving.
2. Roddy White-Was second to Lloyd in receiving yards and had 10 touchdowns with 115 receptions, so he gets the catches. He had one 200 yard game, and never had a game where he had less than 40 yards receiving or under three catches in a game.
3. Dwayne Bowe- Lead the league in receiving touchdowns with 15 and went over 1000 yards receiving. He was a red zone threat, and he had did this with an inconstant quarterback the whole season. He is 6ft-2inches and has an incredible reach with great hands.

All the musts and busts are players that were drafted and drafted decently high in every draft or they were great in week one so people picked them up and kept them the rest of the year and they were great for that fantasy owner (a.k.a Vick, Lloyd and in some fantasy leagues Foster). Hope you enjoyed my list, I tried to be nice and fair.

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