The definition of a ditzy woman

The definition of ditzy is acting silly, and innocent, and/or being dumb and scatterbrained. This past week with the shooting in Tucson Arizona, Ms. Sarah Palin was blamed for this and has controversy around this matter by her causing the shooting by something she said. I really don’t know how you can say she is the reason to blame for a dumbass kid killing and wounding a bunch of people, it doesn’t make sense. He is messed up in the head and is an arrogant kid that is probably depressed and worships the dark lord or some shit. Although I am defending Palin in this matter I heard her talk today and just smiled because I can never take her serious, I mean I was imaging her looking at her hand while I was listening to part of her speech on CNN radio about the shooting in Tucson. I just can’t take this woman seriously. It seems like she just says random words that not a lot of people have heard before. I believe she gets these words from reading a lot of newspapers, which is good to get her reading up, but this doesn’t mean she comprehends what the author is saying and therefore can use the word in her speeches to act/look smart. This is what she does! I don’t like to get into politics, as you know my views on the politician world, but how does this woman have a part in the world of politics? If she does anything for politics she makes them look more idiotic then they looked before. It’s adding insult to what is already there. It is beyond me how Palin has so many followers, I mean I think she is pretty hot for being a mom, but I could never take her seriously in politics or in life in general. She is the definition of ditzy, she even makes a bad image for woman of the world and republicans. They need to get a new stronger woman to the political world and get her to have more supporters, even if she isn’t that good looking at least she would be smart. If Palin does run for President, I have no idea what makes her think she could win if she ran, she will get demolished in the voting it won’t be close. Everyone says they are Palin supporters but when it is really time to go into those polls and vote they will choose the other republican running or if she wins that race by some kind miracle Plain supporters will vote for Obama. So for you dumbasses out there, Plain supporters, please just admit she is ditzy and does not know what the hell she is talking about 90% of the time 100% every time. Is that sentence confusing, well that is something Palin would say if she has not already said that, haha. I bet republicans were the ones who leaked out that it was Palin who said something to trigger this crazy kid to actually pull the trigger. The republicans probably just want her to get a bad reputation to the republican world before 2012 so she doesn’t think she can win. This plan won’t work though. First off Palin already has a horrible reputation for being stupid and even evil. And second off Palin will always think she has a chance to win presidency because she is so stupid. Lets just leave it at this… Sarah Palin gives rednecks a bad name.

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