Great Match-ups.

I know there is a lot of drama still going around with Brett Favre, but I don’t want to talk about him anymore, relating him to the Vikings or in his personal life. I wish him the best and hope his family can get there shit together.

Now lets talk about something exciting, like these upcoming playoff games tomorrow and on Sunday. These are the match ups: Jets@Patriots, Baltimore@Pittsburgh, Seattle@Bears, and Packers@Alanta. These games could go either way, be a blow out or the other team winning. The New England Patriots could blow out New York again or the Jets could play like they did against the Colts by controlling the ball. One thing I don’t see is the Jets blowing out New England, which would be a surprise. The Ravens and Steelers game is up in the air, like it always is. I believe that the Baltimore Ravens has a better chance of beating the Jets or Patriots in the next round, but Pittsburgh is the real trouble for them because it is such a big rivalry it always is up in the air. Seattle against the Bears I think will be a good game. I don’t see the Bears totally dominating the game and I can see Seattle beating the Bears because they beat them earlier this season and I think they can do it again. Seattle is one of those teams where they are the playoff threat team, they suck in the season but give them a limited number of games and they will play great. That’s the way they are, like the 2009 Cardinals who were 9-7 and made it all the way to the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers are a very dangerous team because they beat the Eagles, twice in one year in Philly might I add. I think the NFC North has the Eagles number. That division went 4-1 against the Eagles this season/postseason, the Lions losing at home by 3 points to the Eagles back in week 2. Other than that the Packers beat them twice in Philly, the Vikings beat them in Philly, and the Bears beat them in Soldiers Field. Back to the match-up now. Atlanta did beat the Pack 20-17 at home about a month ago, so the Falcons have a great shot to win. This game won’t be a blow out and the Packers have a good chance of winning too and I might just pick them, I don’t know yet. The one thing that Atlanta has that the Packers don’t have is a running game. Yea say what you want about that Starks kid but that was one good game, com’on. The Packers still miss Ryan Grant. But lets face it Green Bay has a better defense and a better passing game. The only thing is that the dome will be loud, so we will see if that has much affect on Green Bay. Now say Seattle Seahawks beat the Bears this week, they will not make the Super Bowl because either the ATL or GB will crush them. I say the Bears won’t win the NFC Championship either because I am not sold on the Bears, the Eagles helped them get the second seed by choking. So I am saying we could see any possible match-up in the championship games because I can see each game going either way. That’s why I put a Period at the end of the title. These playoff match-ups this week are all great. Yea one could be a blow out, New England crushing the Jets, but I still think the Jets will play well and play New England tight. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Jets come out with a victory, but I will pick the Patriots to win and move on. To face the Pats in the next round will be Baltimore, simply because they are the better team. They have a better offense and a good defense. The Steelers have a great defense and an okay offense. Whomever controls the special teams the best and whichever kicker does better that team will win. The Ravens have the better kicker and better special teams defense, the return special teams are up in the air. Also with a banged up Troy Polamalu will go in the favor of the Ravens big time. Pittsburgh is just not the same team without Polamalu and even when he goes out onto that field to play this weekend he won’t be 100%. For the NFC I will pick Seattle to get the upset and go into the NFC Championship game only to lose those. Now the other game I am still torn. I will pick Atlanta because they are at home. I would pick Green Bay on a neutral field more then 50% of the time. I just can’t go against Atlanta at home until someone proves they can beat them in a meaningful game. I mean they lost one game at home against the Saints, a division rival that can go either way every single time with the teams they had this year. So I believe that Green Bay is a better team because of the pass game and their defense. I am picking the Falcons because they are at home and have a good runner in Michael Turner, who is especially good at running in that dome. So we are looking at the Ravens traveling to New England and Seattle traveling to the ATL, if I am right. Now I just have to put this possibility up; if Seattle does indeed win and the Packers win we are looking at a NFC Championship game in Seattle, lets just think about that for a little bit, a 7-9 team hosting the NFC Championship game, well by then they will be 9-9 technically, but that is just weird to me.

One quick thing: Congratulations Jim Thome and the Minnesota Twins for agreeing on another year for the 40 year old soon to be 41. Thome will be getting 3 Million for coming back for at least one more year for the Twins organization and depending on his performance this season he might get more, we will see. But one this is for sure the Twins will have another left-handed slugger on that bench this season, and I know he is looking for number 600 this season, which means at least 11 more home-runs hit this season for the Twins than there would have been without Thome.

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