Criticism on the Critics

I watched the Critics Choice Awards last night and was not very impressed by their choices. There were about six categories that the supposedly “Critics” chose that were a terrible choice. The first category was the best young actor/actress award. Now I am not trying to take away the award from Hailee Stienfeld from True Grit, but I thought the little girl from Kick-Ass, Chloe Grace Moretz, should have won that award. She was awesome in that movie and I did not see True Grit but I don’t think that girl is going to be as good of an actress as Chloe Grace Mortez will be. The next one is the best comedy of the year. The critics chose Easy A. Now I haven’t seen this movie but at least make the best comedy of the year be Get into the Greek or the Other Guys. Comedy was slim in the nominations this year and not as good as last year. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that Funny People wasn’t even up for nomination and Easy A was. Com’on Man! Funny People has ten times more ingenious jokes than Easy A will ever have. Now the supporting actor and actress award are two different awards, but I had a huge problem with both of the winners. They both were from The Fighter and the actor was Christian Bale. Just a horrible horrible person and had a terrible New York Bronx accent in the movie. I haven’t even seen this whole movie but lets face it Mark Wahlberg made this movie. No way Bale should have won because he isn’t even that good of an actor in the first place, only in American Psycho was he good and that’s because he’s nuts. Bale has always had an annoying voice in movies, The Dark Knight, and he has ruined The Fight and the new Batman movies for me. I wanted to see The Fighter, but then I saw Bale was in it I was like nevermind. SO I never really saw it, thank you previews for saving me money! So the supporting actress that won wasn’t Amy Adams from that movie it was a no name older woman that I never heard of until last night. Melissa Leo is her name and there was at least two other actresses that deserved that award. Mila Kunis from Black Swan and Amy Adams from The Fighter. Both are great actresses and are funny. So the last two categories I clearly thought there was no contest for the winner. It was the best action movie and best picture of the year. Since they did the best picture of the year last I will do the same. The best action movie of the year was…. Inception!? Now I saw this movie, unfortunately, and it was a long movie and had some solid action scenes, but we are talking about a long ass movie with some action in it. Now I own Kick-Ass and saw Inception. Kick-Ass was shorter and had way more action and guts, it was awesome. Inception had okay action scenes but more of creativeness and thinking to it. Also the movie RED, although I did not see it, had tons of action in it. This is what I heard from tons of people and my family that I trust, so why didn’t either of these movies win. It doesn’t make sense how Inception won this or even got nominated for this in the first place. Just because a lot of people liked it the movie won the award, at least that is what I thought. So the last award was best picture and of course Inception was nominated for it and I thought would easily win, right. No! The Social Network won. What’s up with that, I thought everyone loved Inception so that is why it won the best action movie of the year. So what do I think now about the critics? That they are just simply dumb as shit. I saw the Social Network in theaters and I saw Inception at home on a regular DVD player. I thought Inception had a way better picture and more detail to the whole movie then the Social Network did. The Social Network didn’t even impress me at all by the picture, it looked like a regular movie, but when I saw Inception I was like this is an intriguing picture. And this is coming from a guy who hated Inception and liked the Social Network, so I am saying this with no bias at all on what movie I liked the best. So I think I need to become a critic on movies because they obviously need some tastes in movies and get the movie and actors/actresses the right award that they have earned. So don’t worry fans and movie makers I will make sure the right movie and person gets the correct award. I don’t know how I will get into that business, but it is obvious to me that they need help so I will try.
Now my true feelings on award shows is that the celebrities are spoiled and they get money for doing the movies and get money/gifts for going to award shows as well. Also all these award shows are to show everybody how good they are and that we should inspire to be like them, so I have no pity for any celebrity that complains about being in the spot light or respect a celebrity for when they give to charity because they get more mula (money) then they let people know of and waste it on stupid material shit. But this doesn’t mean I don’t like movies, I love the movies and like what the actors/actresses do just like players for sports do, I just don’t respect them as people; only respect them for what they do to entertain me. These award shows are for TV rating and are for celebrities to feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back. While they are doing this they are getting rewarded for this not only by winning awards but by getting gifts and money for going to the award shows even if they aren’t even nominated. So since I already have a problem with this I would expect to be happy with the people and movies who win but it never happens because these stupid critics probably get paid for their vote on a certain movie or person. And this is just some criticism.

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