The Fantasy Surprises of 2010

I said I would do the top fantasy surprises of the year, and I will for each positions. I will even do tight ends and defenses. These are good and bad surprises fantasy wise.
Also happy Martin Luther King day!

QB Surprises:
Josh Freeman- Great! Did not expect him to be this good and lead his team down to win in the 4th quarter a couple of times. Also posted a 10-6 record, but it only was good for third in the division.
Kyle Orton- Good, he made Lloyd a great wide receiver and made the Broncos look like a great passing team.
Sam Bradford- Solid, didn’t think he would be good at all.
Michael Vick- Simply outstanding. He looked bad last year and no one expected him to be this good this year.
Eli Manning- Okay. He lead the league with 25 INTs for the year and a collapse at the end of the season again.
Donovan McNabb- Not good. Didn’t look like he got in a rhythm all year with that team.
Chad Henne- Bad. Got injured on a couple of occasions and lost his starting job a couple of times because of bad play. Was suppose to be a break out season for him.

RB Surprises:
Arian Foster- Awesome. Lead the league in rushing and rushing TDs, enough said.
Jamaal Charles- Good. Second in rushing yards and looked impressive all season, even in the one playoff game.
Ray Rice- Okay. He was at least a 3rd or 4th pick in the fantasy drafts and only got five touchdowns. Was suppose to have a monster season on the aground and through the air.
Peyton Hillis- Decent. Had 11 rushing TDs and and over a 1,000 yards rushing when he wasn’t even picked in most drafts. He has fumbling problems and seemed to slow down at the end of the year, so we will see.
Darren McFadden- Impressive. At times he had monster games and was solid every time he went on the field, just needs to stay more healthy all season long.
LeGarrette Blount- Good. Only got a chance mid to end of the season, but still was able to surpass 1,000 rushing yards, that’s awesome.
Shonn Greene- Horrible. LaDainian Tomlinson looked better then him and Greene had 2 fumbles and 2 touchdowns all year with not even getting close to 1,000 yards, LT out rushed him.

WR Surprises:
Brandon Lloyd- Awesome. Lead the league in receiving yards and posted 18.8 yards per catch. If drafted at all he was in the late rounds.
Steve Johnson- Good. Over 1,000 yards and 10 receiving touchdowns. No one even knew his name coming in this season.
Brandon Marshall- Bad. Suppose to be in the top wide-outs this year. Got three TDs and only had nine catches that ended with 20 or more yards.
Mike Williams (Tampa Bay)- Solid. Almost a thousand yards and 11 touchdowns. Not drafted high if drafted at all.
Hakeem Nicks- Great. Posted 11 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards and missed a couple of games on top of that.
Wes Welker- Not impressive. Didn’t even average 10 yards per catch and reeled in only 7 touchdowns. Suppose to be great every year, not this year.
Anquan Boldin- Bad. Drafted high in most leagues and was way too inconsistent and dropped passes. Only had 7 touchdowns without getting close to 1,000 yards at the same time.
Chad Ochocinco- Bust. Only 4 touchdowns and only had eight catches that resulted in 20 or more yards. Looked more focused on his show. Funny guy but had an off year, could say it was because of Carson Pamler who had an erratic season.

TE Surprises:
Owen Daniels- Sucked. He got injured and barely got on the field and when he did he dropped passes.
Aaron Hernandez- Solid. Came out of no where in his rookie season and caught six touchdowns with over 500 receiving yards.
Jacob Tamme- Good. Filled in for Dallas Clark when he got injured and caught 67 balls for over 600 yards.
Marcedes Lewis- Great. Tall and lengthy and got in shape for this season. One of the bigger targets that has a body of a wide receiver. Caught 10 touchdowns and got 700 receiving yards.

D/ST Surprises:
San Diego Chargers- Great at times. Only let up 177.8 passing yards per game and was the number one defense in yards let up per game.
Minnesota Vikings- Bad. Only forced 17 fumbles and did not get as many sacks as the defense was expected to get.
Dallas Cowboys- Bad. Lets up 436 total points, second most in the NFL. Expected to be a top defense again this year but got burned through the air every game.
Chicago Bears- Great. Got better as the season went on and only let up 17.9 points per game. Who knew Peppers would make this defense this much better.

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