Win some and lose some

The match-ups are set for the Championship rounds, the Bears at home against the Packers and New York traveling to Pittsburgh. The game that shocked me this weekend is how the Packers dominated the Falcons at home. The Packers offense looked awesome and I knew they were the better team I just thought some way, some how the Falcons would come out with the win like they did in the first meeting. I believe the Packers are the best team in the playoffs, the Eagles were my number one and when the Packers stomped the nail in their hearts the Packers automatically became the best team in the playoffs and they showed it on Saturday. The Bears were lucky enough to get a first round bye and get a horrible team at home in the playoffs, there was absolutely no defense for Seattle today, pathetic looking defense and they did look bad last week too, Seattle just got lucky enough that the Saints defense sucked more. The Bears should like this match-up against the Packers because they always play each other tough and know each other well and they are at home. If they faced the Saints or Atlanta they would be blown out because they don’t know those teams as well. Needless to say the Packers will still beat the Bears, but it will be a little closer because they are division rivals. The only reason the Packers lose this game is going to be because of the fumbling and turnovers, but Rodgers doesn’t get picked that often. Now I will get to the stupidest playoff game of the year. Baltimore vs Pittsburgh. Baltimore handed the Steelers the game. The Steelers had a total of 285 yards of offense and put up 31 points to win by seven after being down 21-7 at halftime to the Ravens. How does an inconsistent offense get this many points in the second half with not even going over 300 total offensive yards. Let me tell you how; the Ravens offense screwing their defense over not just once or twice but three times in a row. Ray Rice fumbled on a 3rd and long play, Flacco threw a bad looking throw that got picked, and then Flacco fumbled the snap on the next offensive play. This gave the Pittsburgh offense field position within the 20 yard line, the redzone, three times in a row backing up the Ravens defense and scored 17 points because of great field position. I wouldn’t say it was great defense by the Steelers but the defense for them won them the game again. I said to myself at halftime that the only way Pittsburgh can come back in this game is if the defense comes up with more then one big play in the second half, and they came up with at least three of them with the help of the Ravens offense, of course. If they had a quarterback that could manage the game well we would be seeing the Ravens hosting a championship game next week. Not only did the Ravens screw their defense over they screwed themselves over. A dropped touchdown catch from Anquan Boldin really screwed them up, but before that they actually did score a special teams touchdown it was just called back because of a ticky-tac holding call by the refs. This runner was gone for the touchdown so I think it should have been a no call because even if there wasn’t a little hold he still would have been gone, it’s just like a no call on a pass interference call when the pass is called uncatchable, right. Then after Steelers scored another touch T.J. Houshmandzadeh dropped a pass on the 4th and 18 for a first down at about the Steelers 30 yard line with a minute to go. If he caught this they still would have had a chance to tie the game. So now the Steelers take over as the luckiest team in the playoffs and for this season, the previous team was the Bears but Steelers take over that role now. The last game was the Jets offense coming out of no where and putting up 28 points against New England today and making that offense look bad at times. It didn’t shock me that they won but I still picked the Patriots to win and they didn’t. I went 0-4 this week in picking who will win, so something is wrong with me. The Seattle pick was more out of hatred for the Bears, but I still picked them and the rest of the teams and lost all four of them. The Ravens should have won, but they just choked in crunch time and that is what Joe Flacco does best in the second round of the playoffs. Now I did say I think either of these games could go either way to defend myself, I have to defend myself after all my predictions went the other way, don’t I? Now these upcoming meetings I am more sure of who will win. I believe the Jets will beat Pittsburgh because the Jets have looked better then any other team in the ACF this postseason, and I was not impressed with the way Pittsburgh won. And although the Bears looked good today, as they should have against a bad team, I am going with the Packers because they are the best team, the team to beat. The Super Bowl will be between the Jets and Packers, both six seeds. This will be a re-match from the low scoring affair in New York when the Packers won 9-0. It will be an interesting Super Bowl and I hope I am right about this prediction. You win some and you lose some, I just lost all of them this week.

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