The Best old Time Rock bands

The best old time rock band could popularly be the Beatles. There are for sure two better bands out there that are better than the Beatles. Personally Journey and Queen have better music then the Beatles did. Now I know that when the Beatles started selling their songs on iTunes the sales just sky-rocketed through the first two weeks. I also had a couple of people who loved the Beatles in my school and when I said they sucked and I don’t listen to their music they said I didn’t know what good real music was, they couldn’t be more wrong. The Beatles just don’t have that “it” factor to me. There music is too soft rock for me, most of their songs are soft rock and don’t have that sick guitar solo to them. I will say some of there songs have a good meaning to it and brings good spirits to people and make them feel happy. There is only so much of that music that can be made before it gets old and dried out. Every now and then listening to them I have no problem with, like if I heard them right now I would be fine with that because I haven’t listen to them that often as of late. Now Journey was established 13 years after the Beatles and are the true American rock band. They have some upbeat rock and roll music and have more of an introspecting local singer in Steve Perry for most of the bands career, now the lead singer is Arnel Pineda. Perry had one of those once in a life time vocies, I don’t really know what it is about his voice it is just different and of course in a great way. They had that great hit a little song called Don’t Stop Believin’ and had other awesome songs in Faithfully, Open Arms, Anyway you Want it, and Separate Way (Worlds Apart). These are just some of the songs that were great hits and I liked a lot, I could go on with the list but it would take forever. If you see I can only name one Beatles song off the top of my head and that is The Yellow Submarine. Along with all these great songs Journey has, they have made a record hit with Don’t Stop Believin’ on iTunes, so the Beatles aren’t the only one with great success off iTunes. Journey has won many awards for their music including getting two gold albums, eight multi-platinum albums, and one diamond album. They were more of a variety of rock and it worked very well for them. Queen on the other hand was only really rock and they were a British rock band. The band had one of the more strange lead singers, Freddie Mercury, as he once said “I’m just a musical prostitute.” I think what he said was funny because he is great at singing all the hits they had in We Will Rock you, Fat Bottom girls, Bicycle Race, A Crazy little thing Called Love, and I Want to Break Free. I do believe the name of the band is historic now. I mean who comes up with the name Queen, I get it because the band did form in London and I’m guessing Queens were big in that area, but later we found out that the lead singer was gay and now looking at the name of the band I can see more than just one reason why it was called that, haha. So personally I like the name even more and Queen is one of the best rock bands, they did do some jazz songs here and there and when they did those types of music they were hit songs and still had there own hint of rock in the song, at least that is what I saw. Queen could be the best band to ever come to be and should be more popular over here in the United States, and I am not saying it isn’t popular over here I am just saying it could be more popular then it is. I think Queen should be on top of the Beatles in one of the best rock bands ever created. I know there is Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and The Eagles out there, but I think Queen is better. I am not interested in Pink Floyds music and the others I respect very much, but I rather listen to Queen or even Journey any day.

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