Just some intresting things

Yesterday I found out some almost devastating news that I thought was true and then I found out it wasn’t. The news was that Selina Gomez was going out with Justin Beiber. Gomez is my girl man, she’s simply awesome and pretty sexy. Don’t worry I am only a year older then her, not even, so it’s not gross. But seriously she is up there with famous people I would like to meet. She’s not one of those in the spot light every single week, she is more like a good actress that does shows and movies and goes about her business. Her career has just started, but I am sure she will continue to do feature movies and maybe another show, who knows. Not only does she act extremely well but she sings well too. She has a good voice with an album out, and she presents herself in a good way to the public eye while she is doing all of this. It doesn’t look like it goes all to her head, sure some of the money she has made might blow her head a little bit up, who’s wouldn’t be little bit bigger at times. She is not crazy and has that I can do whatever I want attitude, she still keeps who she is inside and presents that. She is still real and I don’t see that changing in her. So you can understand when I saw some speculations and pictures on youtube of Selina and Bieber together. Supposedly they are close friends and it should stay that way, for sure if anything. I am probably a little late on this news because when she was on George Lopez in the summer he asked her about him and she said he is like a little brother to me, in a robot voice because she was using some weird type of machine to talk because she lost her voice. So that was back in the summer and I am just hearing about these speculations now, wow I am not into the crowd of knowing things at all. I thought being a big fan of Selina Gomez I would know about shit like this. Now I would be devastated if she did go out with him because he is still like a kid and he is Bieber. I mean kids these days use Bieber as a substitute for the word gay, and personally I think that is dissing that gay community more by comparing gay people to Bieber because Bieber is way worse. I believe he is fake and not very musical. Now I don’t hate the kid I just hate his music and his fans are the most annoying people out there. So his music sucking and meaning nothing with the lyrics with adding the annoying ass fans I would hate for a very beautiful elegant talented young women, as Selina Gomez is, to go out with a guy like that. Gomez is like one of those girls I would take home to my family after a couple of dates, if they go well. She’s not like a Miley Cyrus type who isn’t that pretty and tries to act cool and not be herself. So yes Gomez is like one of my dream girls. I have a couple different dream girls in mind, so she is one of them. Much respect to her, or should I say Mucho respect since she is Latinooo!

So the next interesting thing, which I also found out yesterday, is that Family Guy looks like they took my advice with an original great episode. It was the new episode called, “And I’m Joyce Kinney”, I watched it for the first time yesterday. It had that classic Family Guy jokes and had a mix of the two types of Stewie’s; gay and diabolical Stewie. In the episode there was regular Brian, he wasn’t over the top annoying with his politics, and had just the right amount of Meg, haha. The episode had good lines by Peter and had a couple of different Stewie scenes and since this was a Louis episode they had some good Louis scenes. Also they introduced more of the new newscaster after they killed off Diane Simmons earlier this season. So we got to know more about that character, Joyce Kinney. More recently Family Guy has gotten back to the old stuff and they had kind of a Brain episode a couple weeks ago and it was pretty funny too. So two episode so far this new year and they have been much/mucho improvement. It seems like they are actually trying and not going over the top or being lazy. So very surprised that they have turned around season 9 like this and I am glad. I am actually excited for the new episode on Sunday. SO besides these two things people should check out Bob’s Burgers. I have only seen one and half episodes of it, but they have funny parts and funny characters, so great potential for the future of this show. Also the vocie of the dad is the voice of Carl from Family Guy, the coach in Home Movies, a couple of ATHF episodes, and the voice of Sterling Archer in the show Archer. So he is pretty funny and has a lot of experience with comedies. So check out Fox on Sunday at about seven.

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