Loaded Baseball Rosters

So early baseball rosters are up and mostly filled in with most of the free agents being signed, at least the big free agent names. I was looking at some of them and I came across looking at the Boston Red Soxs for this upcoming 2011 season. This team is loaded now. With all the injured guys coming back and the free agents they signed the Red Soxs will be one of the best teams again, as long as most of the team stays healthy. But that is the thing, I believe Boston has good back up players, so unless they are crushed with injuries at the pitching spots they are going to make the playoffs, I know that is extremely early to say, but just hear me out with this team. They signed Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres to play first, they still had Dustin Pedroia at second base, Marco Scutaro, who was surprisingly great last season, at short stop, they have Kevin Youkilis at third base, and to top that off they still have Jason Varitex at catcher along with Jared Saltalamacchia at the catcher position as well. Gonzalez is a .300 hitter with at least 20 homers and 80 driven in, same with Youkilis, and Pedroia is a great average hitter with surprising power, and Scutaro has great defense with good hitting ability. Now Varitex brings the leadership and is a veteran, and Saltalamacchia brings youth and a great potential for being a great hitter, he hasn’t quite proven himself yet but I think he has some great talent that is soon to be noticed. David Ortiz is still there DH, so that is another power hitter. To round off there outfield they have J.D. Drew who is another left-handed hitter with some power, and Jacoby Ellsbury in center with that speed and glove, just a terrific lead-off hitter and the Soxs missed him in that spot when he got injured last season. Last but not least is the new acquisition for the Red Soxs in Carl Crawford in left field. Great talent in his prime with that speed, defense, hitting, and now his oncoming power. They have one of the best line-ups and they are a young lineup. Now some of there back-ups are young as well and I think are great to have as back-ups in Jed Lowrie, who can play anywhere in the infield, and then three great back-ups in the outfield with Mike Cameron, the vet, Ryan Kalish, with some speed, and Darnell McDonald, who can play defense, hit, and steal a base here and there. So that is pretty good hitting and fielding, sounds like a playoff team yet? Wait until that line-up gets the lead and lets the pitching take over. I will start will the starters. The second big five pitching staff, they are second to the Phillies pitching staff, they have Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, and Daisuke Matsuzaka to finish off that pitching staff. Beckett can get his curve ball back and be a number one guy again and Lester is sick and is also a number one guy, Lackey is a solid guy to have, Buchholz has some nasty stuff at times just needs to stay healthy and Daiz-k pitches out of crazy-ass jams. This would be the best pitching staff if it wasn’t for Philadelphia holding onto all that sick talent in Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton, Blanton isn’t as talented but is a great number five started, haha. I don’t understand why they let go of Cliff Lee and then sign him a year later after they have all that pitching. Share the love, damn. They are turning into the New York Yankees of the NL. Going back to the Red Soxs now. This sick team is all the way around great; fielding, hitting, speed, starting pitching, and then the bullpen and closers. The bullpen is filled in with the lefty specialist Hideki Okajima, I think he is going to improve a lot from last season, the long reliever Tim Wakefield, who always eats up innings and can even start a game, along with Dan Wheeler there is Bobby Jenks and Daniel Bard in the set-up roles who can close a game once in awhile. Bard is the main set-up man for sure and maybe should even be the closer. But the closer spot is rightfully Jonathan Papelbon’s until he screws it up and I think he will do better this season, but I still like Bard a lot and wouldn’t mind seeing him in that spot. Really whomever the Red Soxs chose it is a good choice. So they have a very very deep bullpen and they are good guys, of course they have more bullpen guys than that, but these are just guys who can be good and a guy who everyone would love to have on there team in there bullpen. So yes I believe the Boston Red Soxs have the best talent this year, even better then the Phillies because they have more depth in there line-up and there bullpen. If there is one weak spot for the Red Soxs is the catching position, but that position has great leadership and Varitex can call one hella of a game. So I believe people should watch out for this team and this is the team to beat.

Still the Twins are my favorite team and will watch most if not all of there games, this is a team that is fun to watch. Good sign with Pavano, but I still think we need one more starting pitcher to have a good solid pitching staff.

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