Top sports players

The rest of this week I think I will just do top sports players, music stars, movie stars, and historic people I would like to meet. I don’t know if I will do the specific ones I just named off but I will see. Today will be sports players.

Joe Mauer of course, what kind of Twins fan would I be if I never met him? He is one of baseballs best hitting catchers ever! Baseball comes natural to him and he seems nice and not like a douche bag.
Tori Hunter- Loves to play the game every day has a big-ass smile or grin.
Bert Blyleven- Hall of Famer.
Joe Morgan- The best second baseman or the second best, this can be debated.
Babe Ruth- A great pitcher and one of the greatest home run hitting of all time, he is definitely an iron man; going out in the field on his days off and then pitching again 4 to 5 days later.
Hank Aaron- All-time home run leader, no matter what.
Albert Pujols- Consistently great with a .300 average with 30 plus homers, 99+ runs scored and 100+ RBIs every year.
Johan Santana- ONe of the best pitches in the second half of the season, usually pitches slow down the, this guy doesn’t. Yes he was a Twin and his best years on the mound was when he was in a Twins uniform.
Joe Montana- Won so many Super Bowl Rings and three of the four Super Bowls he was MVP.
Jerry Rice- Played his best in the playoffs and had the most touchdown catches in one year, 22, while only playing 12 games before Randy Moss caught 23 in 16 games.
Randy Moss- A great Viking and a great wide receiver.
Michael Vick- Would be on of the elite best quarterbacks if he didn’t take two years off in jail, but he still has a chance to do this.
Adrian Peterson- Great runner will be the best in Vikings history.
Ben Roethlisberger- just so I can punch him in the face, maybe the nuts.
Ray Lewis- Greatest middle linebacker I have ever seen play.
Michael Jordan- Never saw him play with the Bulls, but have seen highlights and that is all I have to see.
Kobe Bryant- Terrific player and has actually matured on the court to lead his team to back to back championships.
Dr. J- His name is so cool and he invented that shot.
Dwyane Wade- Has led one team to a championship and has that swagger.
Kevin Garnet- Was like a point guard, a shooting guard, a small forward, a Power Forward, and a center to the Timberwolves for many years. Makes the Celtics a way better team when he is healthy.
Magic Johnson- An awesome point guard that went threw so much adversity and still lives on. Plus he has a sweet name.

There are tons of more players I would love to meet, I just can’t go on all day with this there is too many to choose from.

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One Response to Top sports players

  1. Michael also says:

    Except for a couple of ancient Lakers, I don’t know who most of these people are but I liked what you wrote here very, very much.

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