Two weeks away

The 45th Super Bowl is going to be between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now the Packers don’t surprise me that they made it because they beat the best team in the playoffs, the Eagles. Really that was the closest game and I think will be the closest game for the Packers all postseason long, so yes I am implying that the Packers will win the Super Bowl and will win by five or more points. Pittsburgh is lucky to get in and I am at a lost for words to realize that the this is Ben Roethlisberger’s third Super Bowl appearance. The first two he won both because of great defenses on the team and facing a horrible team in the Seattle Seahawks in his first Super Bowl, how they made it that year I have no idea but the Steelers lucked out playing them. Now tell me if these are stats of a deserving Super Bowl quarterback: against Seattle Ben threw two picks with no touchdowns and he went 9 for 21, less than 50% passing completion for 123 yards, in fact the Steelers wide receiver, Antwan Randle El, threw for 43 yards and 1 touchdown, he is tied with Ben in Super Bowl touchdowns when Ben has two appearances and is a quarterback, haha. The Steelers ended up winning 21-10 in the Super Bowl because Seattle sucked and Pittsburgh’s defense was great not because Ben was good and led them to the win, he was terrible. Against the Cardinals he threw 1 touchdown and 1 pick for 256 yards, better but not awesome. He did throw the game winning touchdown, but the catch by Santonio Holmes was one of the best Super Bowl catches and the Steelers were very lucky to even have a chance to win and go on that drive because the Steelers defense picked off Kurt Warner and ran it all the way back for a touchdown, James Harrison did, at the end of the first half when the Cards were at the 3 yard line. So yes the defense pretty much made that a 14 point swing to allow the offense to have one last chance to come back and create a chance for the late game hero in Holmes. I mean Holmes is clutch at the end of games, with the Jets now and Steelers back then. So now looking back is Mark Sanchez and Ben clutch at the end of games, no Holmes is. So we will see the Packers win, unless by some miracle the Steelers score TWO defensive touchdowns or THREE defense/special teams touchdowns combined. Now that I threw out those horrible stats by a two time winning Super Bowl quarterback people can see that defenses actually do win championships. Don’t expect much offensively from the Steelers, especially in the passing game. I will say they could have a deep play with Mike Wallace or Brown, but that is because they are very fast. Green Bay is already favored by two points, so when you are going to the betting polls in Las Vegas put your money on the Packers, I assure you they will win. Rodgers will have a good game and will only get picked if Donald Driver lobs the ball into the arms of a defender again like he did against the Bears. I like how everyone was all over Rodgers for having a horrible game and getting picked twice, but he was against a great defense that knows him a lot better and one of his picks was because Driver screwed him over and the other one was Urlacher playing good zone coverage, that’s why he is a great defender. Rodgers still played well and managed the game and that is a big reason why they won. I know when the Packers win I will have to live to hear Packer fans rave about it for a year straight, but that is better then a suck-ass douche bag quarterback getting a thrid Super Bowl ring when he clearly doesn’t deserve it.

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