Top singing artists

These are singing artists that I would like to meet or would have liked to have met, and not all my reasons are just for there music.

Drake- He is simply awesome. His rhymes flow like no other, has made some great songs and albums.
Eminem- He seems funny and he is crazy so that would be interesting. Also I like his music and his lyrics are powerful and meaningful.
Rihanna- She’s a great singer and is sexy.
B.O.B- A new different kind of hip-hop he has brought to the world.
T.I.- He has that swagger and he has a different way of rapping. It all comes together, it’s hard to explain.
Bruno Mars- He’s worked with many different rappers and it has sold. Anyone he works with he makes them look golden, he is also a great singer.
Nicki Minaj- She has crazy lyrics with her music. Hse can sing and is one of the best, if no the best, rapping woman out there.

Just music in general (Rock, R&B, Pop, and Jazz)
The Band Queen and Journey- For obvious reasons that I have already spoke of.
Beyonce- Greta music videos, as Kanye West has said. She’s also not bad to look at and has a little acting career on the side.
Leona Lewis- She is foreign ;). She doesn’t try to be in the spot light all the time and someone with that kind of vocie should be.
Christina Perri-makes her songs for the heart and remakes songs in her own way. She is a surprisingly strong singer, I say surprisingly because she is little but she can belt it out. She seems cool and is a good musician as well (someone who is plays instruments well, haha).
Selena Gomez- She is more of a actress but has a pretty good vocie, better then most if not all of those other Disney star people trying to sing.
Chris Brown- So I can punch him in the face.
Ke$ha- Just so I could see if she was an alien or not.
Lady gaga- So I could see if she was a robot or to see how weird she really is.
(Both of these girls have some weird music videos and even stranger lyrics to their songs. Also uses auto tune too much for being singers). Leave auto tune for the rappers.
Ray Charles- Blind man playing the piano and sing that good. I want to meet that person.
Josh Groban- So I can tell my sisters and mom I met him so they will be jealous. I will add he is an awesome singer. Don’t listen to him often but Have heard him sing.
Michael Jackson- He was the king of pop and a hero to some. I know his name is somewhat tainted, but that doesn’t take away what he deserved to be known as from a music perspective.

I can’t really think of anyone else that I would really want to meet in the music world, whether it be for an artist I hate or like. I know there are more good artists out there I just don’t want to meet all of them.

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