Actors and Actresses

Mark Wahlberg- one of my favorite actors to watch, pretty much like all of the movies he is in, whether it is action or not. But he does make some kick-ass action movies, excluding The Happening I would watch any of his movies twice.
Shia Labeouf- I never was into Transformers until he started doing the movies. He also is funny and I liked him on his show Even Stevens and the movie Eagle Eye. Also he got to kiss Megan Fox, which is awesome.
Bruce Willis- I wouldn’t’ mind meeting him, I just think he is a good action movie guy and he is in a lot of them, so he should be acknowledge. If I did see him I would most definitely get his autograph.
Jason Statham- His movies are crazy and action packed. He is like a Mark Wahlberg but brings more of a crazy English killer sense to his movies. More of an assassin hitman feeling he can bring.
James Franco- Don’t really know what catergory to put him in, but he was in all the Spider Mans and he was in Pineapple Express. Also he did a Soap Opera and played a crazy dude and defended Soap Operas as well, haha. Now he is in 127 hours and that looks good.

Adam Sandler- has to be first, the first comedian that really spoke to me and made me see the stupidity of comedy can be hilarious. Have all his movies dating back to Going Overboard. Not one of his best movies but had that original Sandler comedy. He also has expanded as a actor and a producer, doing more work and actually acting pretty well in sad roles.
Will Farrell- He is the more crazy abnoxious type of comedy and it works for him. Have most of his movies and would love to meet him. (Sandler and Farrell are my top people I actually would try to purposley meet, besides any hot actress, haha).
Seth Rogan- His humor is different (dorky) and his movies are good because it brings in tons of action with the comedy. I also had no problem with him playing the Green Hornet because I have seen most of his movies and they can be action packed. If you haven’t seen Pineapple express, don’t know why you wouldn’t, it surprisingly had tons of action with it so the movie wasn’t just about smoking pot, like Cheech and Chong.
I’m going to put the Marx Brother, Red Skelton, and The Three Stooges on here too. Now you already might know why all of them but I would have loved to meet them.
Also would have wanted to meet Chris Farely. Ridiculously funny and took over any scene he was in.

Mila Kunis- She’s very goo looking she has done comedy shows comedy movies and drama/romance movies and horror slasher movies. She is in my two favorite comedy shows, That 70’s Show and the voice of Megan on Family Guy. Also in that funny movie Forgetting Sara Marshall and is the killer in American Psycho 2. Also more recently in Black Swan, which i saw today, okay very crazy too much dancing. She got to do a movie with Mark Wahlberg too.
Selena Gomez- Really enjoy her as a comedic actress and of course she can do more drama serious things. Hasn’t been in much movies but she is already very accomplished with being a star in a TV series and having an album out. She has done a couple of movies as well. Again she presents herself very well.
Olivia Wilde- She is hot and was on House, which I liked that show when she was on it. Don’t watch the show anymore because she is not on it anymore. She was in the movie Alpha Dog, which was awesome, and now is in Tron.
Megan Fox- I should just put her on here because she is hott. I like some of her movies but she not a terrific actress she is just really appealing.
Natalie Portman- Because she is a great actress and has that innocent back in the day very pretty look. She has also done a comedy recently and she made a funny inappropriate song with the SNL crew, Andy Samberg, a couple of years ago.

Any of the actors from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I met your mother, The Office, That 70’s Show, and Scrubs. Any of the creators of South Park, the creator of Family Guy, the creator of the Boondocks, and the creator of Futurama. To specify some names: Charlie Day from Philly, Jason Segal from Mother, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, Ryan (anyone from The Office), Ashton Kutcher from 70’s show, John C. McGinnley from Scrubs, and creators in: Seth McFarlane from Family Guy, Matt Groening from Futurama, Aaron McGruder from the Boondocks, and Trey Parker/Matt Stone from South Park.
Also any Jessica that is any actress I wouldn’t mind meeting them either.

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