No one will ever have to say…

And the Super Bowl goes to…. The Green Bay Packers. This is a bitter sweet win for me. It’s bitter because being a huge Viking faithful my whole life I will have to hear from the Packer fans for a whole year because they won the Super Bowl. Even when I picked them to win and rooted for them in the Super Bowl Packer fans will still rag on me and other Viking fans, it’s the way it is. The very sweet thing is that no one will ever have to say Ben Roethlishberger the three time Super Bowl Champion and hearing people compare him to ten times better quarterbacks then him that have won three. He wasn’t impressive, like every other Super Bowl he has been in, although he threw his most touchdowns in a Super Bowl, two TD’s, he also threw two picks, tying his career high in the Super Bowl and should have had two more picks against him, both lead to touchdowns by Green Bay one defensive and one by Aaron Rodgers eating that defense apart. Do people still want to rag on him about the Bears game again and say he didn’t play that well? No. Like I said he managed the game in the cold weather and played good for that offense, just not as good as he usually plays. He threw three touchdowns in this game, could have been four, with no INTs. He did more then manage this game. When his wide receivers were dropping balls for a little bit it did seem to affect him on a couple erratic throws he made, but if the receivers don’t drop three or four balls I think he looks tremendous. Instead he looked awesome. He still had a great passer rating with his receivers hurting him, but being a leader he went back to them and they made up for their drops and that is why he was the Super Bowl MVP. James Jones made a great catch diving backwards on the sidelines and then running a good route to beat his guy for a big first. Jordy Nelson made a couple of good catches and a good run after the catch to put the Packers in a goal line situation late in the fourth, so they made up for dropping a few. Like I said before, after the Packers beat the Eagles they became the best team in the playoffs and showed it all the way through. I did pick Atlanta to win in that one game but that was because I thought at home they would squeak it out by some-kind of miracle, didn’t work out. So if you went to Las Vegas and chose the Packers by 3 points like I told you to do two weeks ago you should be ballin’ with money. I earned some money but didn’t have the time or actual money to get to Las Vegas, haha. Being a fan of football I liked seeing a close game, even if I think the game shouldn’t have been that close, I enjoyed it and liked the outcome. Now I would have liked to have seen the Vikings win and since they sucked I wanted the Eagles to win, so between the two teams that made it to the Super Bowl it was the best outcome out of those two. So as a football fan I liked the game. As a Viking fan I hate the outcome because our rival won the Super Bowl. As a normal human being I loved the outcome because I got to see Ben suck, lose, and see his hopes get up and being that close to winning than when he didn’t make the 4th and 5 play in the fourth quarter he was heartbroken, awesome to see that. So as a normal human being even the Pittsburgh Steelers fans could be a little happy with the outcome, but I can understand the passion they have for there hometown team, passion can triumph over hatred. But I am not a Steelers fan, so I don’t have to worry about having mixed happy and sad feelings about the game. I just straight up love it as a human.

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