The Star Spangled Banner

As we all know Christina Aguilera sang the Star Spangled Banner in the Super Bowl and messed up a couple of the lines. This made tons of people, “Americans”, outraged because as an American herself she should know the words, right. I have seen a lot of singers mess up and butcher this American song many times before, so I don’t know why it is such a big deal with her. Is it because it was the Super Bowl and that is a big stage or was it because all the Aguliera haters out there just came out at once. People could even say it is because of all the technology these days too, with Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. That could have contributed a lot to this being bigger news then it should have been but I think it is mainly because people just wanted to dis Aguliera because she is a big star. I don’t really care what reason it is but people just need to calm down about it. I heard a little story about it on CNN radio by this one old lady narrating the story. I mean did the lady even hear her sing, she might be hard of hearing. Personally I think people should rag on her about the last note because that wasn’t a very impressive note and the most important part is how someone ends something. She got the words right just not the note and I look at that more then the words. I didn’t even notice the mixture of words until a little later thinking that song seemed different. Now I don’t know all the words until someone starts singing it, I guess. So to bash her for messing up a couple of lines that is just stupid so just lay off and cool down. Some people are just so arrogant and stuck up. I think it is more of a disgrace to this country in how the people in America acted after she messed up. They were very disrespectful to her and acted like they were such great Americans. Some said it was horrible what she did and disgraceful to this country. One guy even said “of course I know the words” in a extremely smug voice. It’s one of those voices where you just want to punch that person for saying anything because their vocie is so annoying, like Matt Damon. I was very shocked in how many people out there just ripped her apart for messing the anthem up. Not all Americans know the song, and why don’t you get up on that stage and sing out those notes on pitch. I don’t see anyone of those people stepping up and proving that they could do it, they just talk and make themselves look like great Americans. It’s one thing to give criticism to singers on notes or football players on how they play, but when you disrespect someone for messing up on one little thing and start saying hurtful personal things about that person I don’t like it. I dis someone like a Roethlisberger because what he did was a moral horrible thing to do everywhere, Aguilera got some lyrics messed up in an American song. So please know when you can say bad things about a person to make them look bad, whether they did something personal to you, someone who acts smug in the media and to other people all the time, or something horrible that got out into the media about that person. Otherwise don’t attack or say something to ruin there reputation. She did a pretty good job with singing and she is an awesome singer in general, so give her some props for trying. Plus people went to Dallas for the game, the Super Bowl not to hear people sing. That is part of it but I mainly watch for the game, so I don’t care about if the singing was awesome or not. And other football fans shouldn’t care either, I mean if you found her singing offensive don’t listen to her and change the channel for three minutes until the game starts. But don’t bash the woman.

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