Trade Talks around Twins

Fransisco Liriano is very much in talks for the Twins trading. Why? I do not know. I don’t know if we have problems with keeping good left handed pitchers or not. I mean do we not get along with them and that is why we don’t sign them and trade them off for nothing in return. When we traded Santana all we got was Gomez and traded him for Hardy and then got rid of Hardy. The Yankees were rumored in giving us Robinson Cano straight up for Johan Santana. Why didn’t we do that? Because we aren’t very smart at times. In drafts we do very well but in getting players that have proven themselves in the major leagues we don’t go for them or keep them very long. I mean are whole starting line-up came up from our farm system but we always seem to need that one extra guy. Is adding a middle infielder in Nishioka good enough? I don’t know if this guy can even hit in the majors or how is fielding is. Now trade talks have come up with Michael Young from the Texas Rangers and I am surprised that he has stayed with team for this long. They have thrown him around like a rag-doll. Calling up rookies to take his spot and then trading and picking up free agents to take his spot. The Twins should try to get him because he is a great veteran and we know what we are going to get from him. But are we actually going to deal for him I do not know. Joe Christensen, a baseball reporter for the StarTribune, thinks the opposite of what I think about both of these trade rumors. I think we should go after Young and we should keep Liriano. He says the possibility of the Twins dealing for Young is unlikely mainly becasue of his contract. But I think it is likely and that we should becasue we don’t have a second baseman and we don’t even know is this Japanese guy is good. If he is a bust this could be a horrible seen in the middle of the infield for the Twins this year. So yes try to get a deal done for him or someone else. Also with the Liriano talks why do we get rid of good starting lefties, I am sick of us doing this and we aren’t going to ask for much either I can just tell. We will try to get prospects for him and they will most likely be busts. Don’t trade for prospects when you have the real thing in front of you at an age where he will be in his prime. We should trade a Slowey, a Blackburn, or a Baker before we even think about trading a Liriano. If we trade him we will have to start Slowey or Blackburn every fifth day and we have seen how that goes in the past, not very well. So to be nice these talks of us trading for people or trading people should have a second look at by someone in our organization. I mean seriously we get rid of Hudson, Luis Castillo, J.J. Hardy, Christen Guzman, and I just have to put Torii Hunter even if he is not an infielder. We switch around all the time and we need someone to lock the middle infield up. Again this year it will be two different guys in the middle, we need stability and Young will bring that. We also need a good three man rotation and Pavano, Liriano, and Duensing/Baker can bring that. Without Liriano that is not as a strong pitching staff, people could even argue to say we need another pitcher and make Baker and Duensing the four and five guys because that is kind of what they are, at least in the playoffs.

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