Another bad award show

The Grammy awards were good because they had some good performances, not like other award shows where they just hand out awards and that’s it. The Grammy’s actually bring entertainment to the people. Lady Gaga preformed and I was surprisingly impressed. I don’t really like her music and she is just too crazy and awkward. I like people who are crazy just not her way of being crazy, it’s not funny its just weird. I will say she has some talent in singing and dancing. She knows how to entertain and preform and that’s what she did. Her performance was pretty good, especially since I don’t like her this should tell people she knows how to put on a show. Justin Bieber’s performance was medi-okor and of course his songs are still missing a key factor of being good and having original lyrics. The only reason why he is popular is because he makes little girls feel good inside. Little girls don’t even have good taste in music yet, so why are we saying he is a great music star, he didn’t even win an award which was probably the best decision of the night from the voters. Also why were there so much country performances. I know there was like one or two but that is already one or two too many. No country music on that stage, come’on! Rihanna preformed a couple of times and was pretty good, doesn’t mind shaking it at all, ha. Eminem was good and he actually preformed a newer song and didn’t do one of his regularly listened to songs. Also Dr. Dre had a couple of lines too at the Grammy’s, so that was a pretty awesome performance. Drake also got to be on the stage, unfortunately he only had one verse from one of Rihanna’s songs. He also didn’t win new artist of the year, which was a mistake. He was the obvious choice for that but instead the award went with a girl that plays jazz, Esperanza Spalding. Not that she isn’t a bad musician I just think she hasn’t done that much to be recognized as the best new artist when Drake has had more success from his album performance and the different age groups that listen to him, excluding the kids who aren’t old enough to listen to his music. I think Rap/Hip Hop kind of get a bad reputation from the Grammy’s. The best new artist should have easily gone to Drake, The best song could have gone to Forget You or Love the Way you Lie, and the best record of the year could have been any of them and of course Need you Know won. That song and album are way over rated. Why is this country song even nominated? Now the song itself is good, but the record didn’t have more then one or two good songs, so why did it win two of the biggest categories of the year, I don’t get it. I mean did you see the songs from Jay-Z, B.O.B., and Eminem this year? Some of the best albums I have seen from Hip Hop for a long time. To go along with this the winner for best album of the year was a huge shock. It wasn’t Need you Now, or the best album out of any nominated in Recovery. The winner was The Suburbs (Arcade Fire), whom I never heard of until I watched the Grammy’s. Then they preformed at the end of the show and was not impressed at all. At least Recovery won the best rap album of the year and Eminem won best solo rap artist. So this Arcade Fire group came out of now where and got votes to win, I think it was rigged. Who has heard of these guys? Mumford and Sons are way better then them, so if they won at least I would have known who the group was. So another weird award show. One last thing, I saw Jaden Smith preform with Bever and he has potential to be a performer with his dance moves. Just needs to grow up so he can get better lyrics and make songs with real artists like Drake. I still think I will like him better as an actor just like his dad, but you never know; this is a kid to look out for.

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