The Deal that didn’t get done

Reported today that supposedly the St. Louis Cardinals did not get a deal done with the best first baseman in the majors, Albert Pujols. Pujols is 31 now and some could even say had kind of an off year last year, at least for him. Hitting .312 with 42 homers and 118 RBIs, runs batted in. Ever since he has made his debut in 2001 he has hit 30 plus homers, with 100 plus RBIs and a plus .300 average every single year in his major league career, who has done that? Off the top of my head he is the only one that I can think of. This means little to no injuries and not being suspended for off-season behavior issues for all these years. So why wouldn’t the Cards get a long-term deal done? This is why and I think they are smart for not getting a deal done, I know, surprise I usually take the players sides. I am on the side of the organization of St. Louis. Pujols was asking for a 10 year contract and over 300 million during that span, which is 30 million a year! This is a huge contract that no player should have, I mean the Yankees paid way too much for Alex Rodriguez and he is definitely not worth what he is getting paid now a days, $33,000,000 . Do they think Pujols will be worth 30 Million in 5 or 6 years, no. This is why they didn’t do this deal that Pujols wanted. It is asking for way too many years and way too much money. If Pujols dials down the money or the years this deal has a good chance of getting done. The Cardinals want him to sign an eight year contract worth around 25 million a year. That is two years less and 5 million less than what Pujols wants. Now the contract talks are done until the end of the season, but people still think so you never know. I say suck it up and take the deal buddy. It’s free money for eight straight years. What if you have a career ending injury this season, guess what you get no more money cause you were too greedy to get a deal done. I really believe Pujols is asking for too much and the only other organization that would offer him the ten year with 30 mil a year are the Yankees and they already have an overpaid Gold Glover at first baseman in Mark Teixeira. I think Pujols could be looking at having a year off next season if he doesn’t settle into a deal, which will be filled with Mula. Don’t waste your talent because you want to be self-centered and become the highest player in the MLB, even though it will be hard to beat Rodriguez. I know that Albert Pujols isn’t even the highest paid player on his team as of right now. Matt Holiday and Chris Carpenter get more money then him. I don’t agree with the Cards having that contract with Carpenter because he has been injured for part of his career, although the last two years he has been better with injuries, but he is still way overpaid for what he brings. So I think from the Carpenter signing the Cardinals have learned, very proud of them. I’m going to throw out some names of the highest paid players in the MLB as of this past year. Alex Rodriguez is number one and only hit .270 and makes errors at third, so with those numbers he is not worth that much. Johan Santana hasn’t been as good for the Mets and the Mets organization has not taken care of him because he is more injury prone since being a New York Met, he is number five on the list. Carlos Beltran is number seven and was injured most of the last two seasons and isn’t the same hitter since the injuries. Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano are both tied for 8th on the list and haven’t produced that well. I believe Lee hit .246 with only 24 homers for the Astros and Soriano hit .241 and .258 the last two seasons with not even reaching 80 RBIs either season for the Cubs. Then there are guys like Carlos Zambrano and Barry Zito. Both had huge contacts, Zambrano getting 18,750,000 last year and Zito getting 18,500,000 last year. Zambrano only pitched 129 innings last season and got that much money, he also went down to the minors for a little bit and finished in the bullpen. Zito has not had an ERA, earned run average, under 4.00 the last four years with the Giants and he also has lost a total of 57 games in four years. That is a lot of loses for him getting paid that much, way too much. So an organization that is thinking of singing Pujols for that long and for that much just remember all those names, and there is a lot more names out there I just don’t want to waste my time on all those players because they have already wasted all that money for these organizations. I think they are sick of wasting people’s time and money, what do you think? 😉

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  1. michael also says:

    As you have demonstrated here often, well formed expressions of opinion (even if I don’t know a thing about the topic). I DID watch most of the Grammys so I DID know what you were talking about in that posting (well at least understood some of the Grammys). Keep those well stated thoughts coming!

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