Why is it white?

There was a scene at the end of the new Family Guy when two seagulls were talking to each other while eating garbage. This scene made me think and question why bird poop is white. Do birds eat only white things, I don’t think so. So why is most bird poop white. Bird poop usually is white with a little mix of black in it, maybe this means something. I mean the dove, which is a bird, is the messenger of God and Noah. Bird poop could be seen as a sign in religion that black and white people should become one, it is the right way of life, slavery is wrong. That could be the hidden message behind the color of bird poop. Or it could be a total opposite meaning. It could be that white and black together is like shit. This could mean that whites and blacks shouldn’t be together, like an inter-rational couple. Bird poop could be frowning upon inter-rational couples. I am sure back in the day someone saw the white and black shit and said those colors together are bad and that might have been how slavery started because some south hick saw bird poop and told his friends. Bird poop could have started slavery! I mean are we to believe that just now people are realizing the color of bird poop, I don’t think so. Everyone has seen poop and I am sure they always think to themselves why is that shit white!? If you haven’t ever seen bird poop you are either a baby or don’t have a car. Just think about what bird poop falls on to. That could be a sign, God wants everyone to know white shit is out their and you better recognize. That is why birds love to poop on your car and on top of your head, to let you know they are there. Luckily bird poop has never fallen on my head, but you never know. So next time you are outside and birds are chirping, run! Run to your car or under the garage, not under a tree because they will get you there too. No one may ever know why bird poop is white and maybe it is a secret better left unknown. It has always been a mystery and will always be one, I can only come up with ridiculous reasoning’s to why bird poop is white. Who knows why bird poop is white and what it means. It is an impossible thing to make sense of. Family Guy brought up maybe one of the greatest controversy’s of the eternity. It could be as simple as them only eating white things but then you would be excluding all garbage they eat. Maybe bird seed make birds poop white. Someone should totally only eat bird seed for a month and see what color there poop is. Or maybe it’s just better to let the scientists of the world make up something and have everyone believe them, they do it all the time.

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