Top Super Bowl List (part 2)

If you have not read the first part of the Top Super Bowl list you might want to read that before reading this or else you can just find out the top five first. I have already talked about the Super Bowls that I really don’t like on this list so these next five I believe should be on this list, but I still think some of these top five Super Bowls should not be in the top five or not be in the number one spot. There’s two I really think that could be put down on this list.
Number 5: Patriots vs. Carolina
This is one of the Super bowls that could be put down. I think Patriots vs. Rams and Pittsburhg vs. Dallas could be in front of this one. I did see Super Bowl 38 and was rooting for Carolina the whole time. I was very disappointed when Carolina lost 29-32 because the Patriots already won one but they were just too good. It was a good high scoring affair with I believe two blocked kicks by the Panthers. Who sees two blocked kicks in a game let a lone the Super Bowl and against Adam Vinatieri. This Super Bowl was entertaining but I think the Patriots vs. Rams was a better one, by the favored team being down 14-0 and then coming back to tie it but then Brady making his first historical drive to win 17-14. Brady played well in this game but I like when nobody knows about someone and they come out to win a Super Bowl against the best team that year. This Super Bowl everyone expected the Patriots to beat the Panthers.
Number 4: Buffalo vs. Giants
If people know about the Buffalo Bills history they know of this Super Bowl, all fans of Buffalo know about this Super Bowl and there Super Bowl history. The Bills have been in four Super Bowls and lost all of them, just like the Vikings, 0-4 record all time in Super Bowls. The heartbreaking thing about the Buffalo Bills is that they made it four years in a row, 1991 to 1994 and lost all four. The Super Bowl against the Giants was there first one and two words sums up this Super Bowl, “wide right”. They lost 19-20 against the Giants because of a 47 yarder that just went wide right, the kicker was Scot Norwood. I think that miss is bigger now because they ended up losing three more Super Bowls after that. I think that shows that Bills team never forgot about that missed field goal in 91. Talk about four years of a Super Bowl hang over.
Number 3: Broncos vs. Packers
Super Bowl 32 was a good game, although I barely remember it. I think it rated a little too high at number three and could be put down on this list. It was a close game and had two Hall of Fame quarterbacks with Brett Favre and John Elway in it. Favre actually played better than Elway but the Packers defense couldn’t stop Terrell Davis as he rushed for three touchdowns. Elway threw for 123 with a pick. He didn’t deserve to win that game on that day but he was 37 and already proved to people that he is a great quarterback, so he did deserve a Super Bowl win from his career stats. This Super Bowl is rated so high because of one simple quote, “This ones for John.”
Number 2: Giants vs. Patriots
This was the best Super Bowl I have ever seen. I picked the Giants to win and by some miracle catch and a miraculous escape of a sack they did just that. The Patriots in 2008 felt what the Rams did in 2002, they were the favorites and 3 minutes away from a perfect season and Brady’s fourth Super Bowl ring. I remember watching this Super Bowl, who I was with, and where I was at. The place I was at I will probably never be there again with the same people, but I will always remember that Super Bowl because it was that good. This should be number one. Super Bowl 42 was the best Super Bowl of all time, at least of my time.
Number one: Pittsburgh vs. Cardinals
I don’t know how this was number one over the Patriots vs. Giants but it topped this list somehow. This is the other Super Bowl that ended in a 9, 2009. I have to say this Super Bowl was great and I enjoyed watching it. I didn’t like the outcome of the Steelers taking the game 27-23. I think the Cardinals deserved to win that game and the one mistake by Kurt Warner changed that game forever. I think this Super Bowl should definitely be in the top five becasue of James Harrison running back 99 yards for a defensive touchdown at the end of the first half. This game had two great drives at the end with Warner connecting with Fitzgerald for a long touchdown and then Ben throwing it up for Holmes to make one of the greatest Super Bowl catches, second behind David Tyree’s catch in Super Bowl 42. Again I’d say Super 43 is number 2 and Super Bowl 42 is Number one. Two years in a row of epic Super Bowls was a treat for everyone.
Now I am not fully happy with the list but they did a decent job with the list. The Patriots are on this list three times and all of those games deserve to be on here and probably two of them should be higher on the list. I don’t think there has ever been an overtime game in the Super Bowl, but I think there has to be at least one sooner or later, and that game will make this list.

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  1. michael also says:

    So when will you pick your “top ten” essays (actually “top five” would probably be a more managable presentation) and submit them to a sports editor, along with a brief introductor letter? Have you noticed the big increase in student reporters who are interning with the Star-Tribune lately? Looks like a new policy with the Strib and opportunities for students. I don’t know if any have appeared on the sports page but there have been a LOT on the general news page (their student credit usually appears at the end of the story). Worth a “look-see”?

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