Top Super Bowl List

The NFL Network keeps doing stupid top lists for NFL history and they did the best Super Bowls of all time, top ten. Do I agree with all the ones they picked, no, but I know when a Super Bowl deserves some recognition but they did have one Super Bowl that really should not be in the top ten at all, most of the population that knows football would agree. The other Super Bowls I respected there decision and could see why they are in the list, but they did get the number one Super Bowl of all time wrong, unfortunately. I mean it was a good Super Bowl but there was one other Super Bowl that deserved the number one spot, no doubt in my mind.
Number 10: Jets vs. Colts
I really like this Super Bowl starting off this list. Now I didn’t actually see it because I was born in the early 90’s and this Super Bowl was played in 1969. This was the third Super Bowl ever and had the legend Joe Namath as the quarterback for the New York Jets, Super Bowl MVP. This was the only appearance and win by the Jets in a Super Bowl, so that makes it even more special. Also it was when Namath predicted that they would win, so that is still talked about today. The game was low scoring and close, ending with a 16-7 score. So very much like this being here and some could argue it could be a bit higher, but not too much higher. It is at the right spot.
Number 9: Patriots vs. Rams
This game I saw most of and was rooting for the Rams the whole time, I don’t remember why. This game ended with a 47 yard field goal winning kick with the New England Patriots winning 17-14 and giving Tom Brady his first of many Super Bowl wins and appearances. I say Super Bowl 36 might be too low on this list, especially after I found out who was number eight, this one could be number five easily. The classic ending and an underdog 6th round quarterback going down the field with 1:21 left in the fourth with no timeouts to get in field goal range, with a legend kicker kicking his first of many big time kicks. This game deserves to be higher on this list.
Number 8 (More like number 30): Saints vs. Colts
First thing that came to my mind is… Why? Why is this even considered for being in the top ten and then landing a spot at number eight when the ten and nine spot were way more awesome of games, and closer of a game. When I think of a classic game I think of a close one score game, not a 31-17 lose by the Colts. This game gets way too much recognition because it was played in 2010 and people remember it more, short term memory anyone? I watched this whole game and it was no where close to the Patriots and Rams game or (spoiler alert) the 2000 Titans and Rams game in Super Bowl 34, which didn’t even make the list! At number eight this Super Bowl is way overrated and should not be touching this list. How about Super Bowl seven when the Dolphins went undefeated and won the Super Bowl over the redskins 14-7? That was making NFL history. What NFL history did this game make? Super Bowl 7 or 34 should definitely take the place of this one.
Number 7: 49ers vs. Bengals
The last of two and only appearances for the Bengals in the Super Bowl was when they had to face Joe Montana in 1982 and 1989 in Super Bowl 23 to lose twice against him in less than a decade. This game ended 20-16 and ended with Jerry Rice being Super Bowl MVP catching 11 balls for 215 yards. Again I have not seen every Super Bowl, but I know this would have been a good one with Montana and Rice on that offense. This is at a good spot.
Number 6: Pittsburgh vs. Dallas
Another one I have not seen but it was a shoot out by the score being 35-31 Steelers with Terry Bradshaw at quarterback. In Super Bowl 13 each offense had a total of 330 yards or more, that looks like an exciting stat. Staubach throwing 3 touchdowns and Bradshaw winning the MVP with 4 touchdown passes. Not only is my lucky number 13 but the 13th Super Bowl was an awesome one and I could even see this one going into the top five and I would be fine with that. This Super bowl was played in the year 1979 and this is the third Super Bowl on this list so far that ends in a 9. 1969, 1979, and 1989. Could we go for 1999? I don’t know we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I usually do all my lists on one post but I have to have some kind of suspense some of the time. Top 5 Super Bowls of all time will be told tomorrow and there is another Super Bowl that ends in a 9 on this list. So which one is it?

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