Music- Who won’t be lost

In music there are people and groups who make albums, and then there are the people and groups that make history. Each type of music has an important person or group that made that type of music big. In soft rock you got the Beatles or Queen. In more hard rock you got Led Zeppelin. For Hip Hop you have Run DMC, Dr. Dre, or even Tupac. With jazz music you have Miles Davis, other then that I don’t know much more about jazz. For R&B you could say Whitney Houston was big for that kind of music. The original Rock ‘n’ Roll king was Elvis Presley. As for country everyone that sings that type are just making albums. Each category of music has a different history and has made some history becasue of what certain group or people brought to the world. The Beatles and Queen, I think, made bands tons more popular and brought more fans to soft rock. Without these types of bands soft rock doesn’t have that good of representations, they would be what country is now. I mean without these bands there wouldn’t be as many soft rock bands that ended up being awesome and making classic songs. They opened up the door for other bands to try harder to get heard. As for hard rock I think it was very popular back in the day and still is. I think hard rock was listened to more back in the day, but now I think soft rock has the edge over them as being more popular and Led Zeppelin is probably the most known and famous hard rock band ever, even though I don’t listen to them that much. As for hip hop there are tons who made changes and made big steps to get Hip Hop and rap heard more. I mainly picked Run DMC and Dr. Dre becasue they are very successful as producers and they have made popular still known songs today and helped find other good rappers and hip hop groups that expanded hip hop to be as respected as it is today. I picked Tupac because he started rapping about his life and what was on his mind; whether it was appropriate to hear or not he dissed people and related to people at the same time, it seemed like he was one of the first to do this with great success and nowadays he is still very well known and some give him the title of “The Best Rapper Ever.” As for Jazz music I really don’t know a lot about it, but I do know the name of Miles Davis and how he always mixed up his style, creating new styles and making it work. I picked Whitney Houston for R&B becasue she had one of the best loudest vocies I have ever heard. She could have the most powerful vocie in the world. Also when I think of R&B I like to think of woman who sing it, even though I know there are boy bands that were popular in R&B, I just don’t like them in R&B. Same with rapping I usually see guys as being the best, but there are a lot more good woman rappers coming out and being very successful, and they are also really good. I say that cause just becasue an album is successful doesn’t mean the person or group who sang or rapped in it was good at what they did, more like one hit wonder type people. Like the Backstreet boys aren’t that good but were successful and Nicki Minaj is successful and really good at what she does. And finally for Rock ‘N’ Roll mainly one guy comes to mind and that is Elvis Presley. He is the face and the creator of real Rock ‘N’ Roll. You just don’t see music like the kind he made. There are bands and people that are labeled as Rock ‘N’ Roll but it doesn’t mean they get it right. I think the only true Rock ‘N’ Roll music is only by Elvis, even if there are good bands that play Rock ‘N’ Roll music Presley will always be in front of them, and I am not even a fan of Presley. I did forget one category and one person, which is the King of Pop in Michael Jackson. I mean who could dance like him and sing like that at the same time in front of millions of people, being perfect with every step and every note. Being so perfect makes him the King of Pop but was it worth it to ruin his own life?

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One Response to Music- Who won’t be lost

  1. also michael says:

    Once again, I only know a few of the names in this latest piece, but you’ve made some interesting and logical observations, created a very strong opening and a very good conclusion (says me).

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