American Idol?

American Idol has been on TV for a month or so now and I have watched a couple of episodes, mainly in the beginning because that is when the show is funny. I was watching it yesterday when they were narrowing the competition down to the top 24 singers. I have to say that there was one guy that I think is a horrible singer and to see him get past the first round into Hollywood, Las Vegas, and now he made it in the top 24 is anything but a miracle and not the good kind. I believe his name is Jacob Lusk. I know the first name is Jacob just not sure about the last name. Now this dude is terrible off key and way over energetic with his singing. He has no self control when he sings, randomly hits different notes that make him sound off key on every line. Now how did he make it into this top 24 I have no clue. Maybe he paid some people off in high places, who knows. I probably shouldn’t be dissing this guy, I should be dissing the judging this year. I mean we got an ex-drug addict up there with a hot girl who is way too nice and isn’t that good as an artist, what new good music has she made recently or ever? Then you have a producer in Randy Jackson. He is the one judge I am most shocked about how he can let this guy get this far. Jackson is suppose to be a great music and dance producer, but he must have really gotten tone depth this past year. Don’t get me wrong I like Steven Tyler because he is a character and can make some good music in his prime and Jennifer Lopez is hot. But they are not good judges and for this reason they would never make good producers. They need Simon Cowell back to bring some meanness and truth to the words from the judges mouths. Nowadays Jackson is the meanest judge and he is not really that mean, he is more of a push over with J-Lo there. So this “singer”, have to put it in quotes becasue I can not take him seriously when he sings, is going into the top 24 and I hope American can take this guy out of the race soon, but then again American has let “singers” in Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, and Taylor Hicks win Idol before so that just shows how bad of taste we have in our music. I mean America is the only country that actually listens to and likes country music, so what can we expect. I will make a prediction to say this Jacob “Lusk” will make the top 5 and maybe even win because America will think he is a good singer, ha. I will probably not watch the show for another couple of weeks because every time I watch it I get bored. But in a couple of months we will probably see that name still in the voting, unfortunately. I will never know how we made some of these “American Idols” actually win American Idol. Really for the judges to keep him in the hunt is very mean to let him think he is actually a good singer and he actually has a chance to be a star. So America when you watch American Idol and vote for the people actually turn up the volume and listen to each person sing, instead of saying that girl is hot or that guy is cute and vote for them, actually listen! -Thanks

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