Stewie- Gay or Diabolical

As fans of Family Guy know and people who read my posts know Stewie Griffin from Family Guy can be gay and diabolical, an evil mastermind. In the older episodes back in the seasons 1-3 Stewie was mainly just Diabolical and wanting to kill his mom. Louis, and take over the world. So at one years of age he has been trying to do this for three seasons. It seemed when Family Guy came back about two years later from the second cancellation of the show they made Stewie have more of a gay type of characteristic with a little mix of the old Stewie. I don’t know what made the writers bring the gay quality to Stewie but it worked and was funny. But then I was watching the 150th episode of Family Guy for about the third time on TV yesterday and thought to myself this episode is boring. The episode is called “Stewie & Brain”. It is in the 8th season and was literally a full 40 minutes of Stewie and Brian together in a safe locked in for a weekend. This episode didn’t even have the original flashbacks that every single Family Guy episode has. It has some decent jokes but was mainly boring. Part of the episode was about Stewie wanting Brain to eat his dirty diaper and Brain eventually eating Stewie’s poop. Then the rest of the episode it seemed like Brian and Stewie were in a relationship and saying they loved each other then Brain telling Stewie about why he has a gun and a case of liquor in his bank safe. The reasoning being in case Brain ever wanted to kill himself so he would have one last drink. This episode is just stupid and doesn’t have any of the original Stewie in it or follow the Family Guy tradition of flashback jokes, the randomness. This episode brought new things in Brain talking about suicide and being depressed along with a relationship forming between Stewie and Brain, so not good new things. Also it only had one main story and no flashbacks, which both have never happened before in an aired episode of Family Guy. All Family Guy episodes are random and have at least two different stories in each episode. Like in the fourth season they had an episode where Peter went to his high school reunion and dressed up as a space cowboy and the other part was Stewie making a bet with Brain about a boxing match that Stewie won, so Stewie makes a deadline for Brain to have the money by. When Brain doesn’t have the money Stewie beats him up hardcore twice. In the same episode Peter joins the New England Patriots and sings some random song after a touchdown and then he gets traded to the Sillynanny’s in London or something. Also in the same episode Brain is now going to get Stewie back for all the beating Stewie did to him, so Stewie is paranoid the rest of the episode and then Brain just pushes him in front of a bus at the end. This is at least four separate stories and possibly four different episodes of Family Guy into one. Other examples of this type of episode is every single episode except for the 150th one. I mean even in the 100th episode they made Stewie diabolical the whole time. He did a simulation about killing Louis and eventually taking over the world and this was two episodes of him being like this and having random things happen. He just wanted to kill Louis and he somehow became president and ruled the world for a day. So I am wondering what happened between episode 100 and episode 149 to make such a horrible episode. And even with this bad newer episode they have actually made some good new episodes in the ninth season, even though they still need didn’t bring back the diabolical Stewie after the 100th episode. In the new Holloween episode Stewie gets his candy taken away from bullies and asks Brain to help him get it back and I don’t think they did. The older Stewie would have gotten his candy back and tormented all the kids that stole his candy, like when a freckled orange haired kid stole his tricycle in the third season, he got it back and tied the kid up in his basement. Or in the episode “Love Thy Trophy” Stewie decides not to kill Flappy, the owner of a breakfast restaurant, becasue his pancakes are so good. That is the original Stewie that I like to see with some mix of the funny gay Stewie.
Also what I don’t like about the newer seasons and volumes of Family Guy is now when the DVDs come out all three discs are in one case and not three separate slim cases, this happened after volume six. Along with this the first volume of Family Guy included the first season and the second season, all 28 episodes. The first season was only seven episodes, like a lot of other new shows do only have 10 or less episodes for the first season. Then volume two had all 22 episodes of season three including a never before seen episode, at least at the time, called “When you wish upon a Weinstein.” After they came back from there cancellation they made a huge fourth season with 27 episodes and a movie which equaled 3 episodes. The movie came out by itself and season four became separated into two volumes, which I understand becasue it had a lot of episodes. They made volume three have 13 episodes of season four and and volume four had the other 14 episodes of season four. But then when volume five came out on DVD they only had 13 or 14 of the episodes from season five on the DVD, this didn’t make any sense why they would just put 13 episodes of season five on volume five instead of all 18, it is just 5 more episodes! Instead of doing this they just put the rest of season five on volume six with half of the episodes of season six and then the rest of season six on volume seven with half of the season seven episodes. Now this happens when every new volume comes out: has the last episodes of the other season and maybe half of the new season on the new volume. Why do they mix the seasons up? I think they just want to make the volumes as random as there episodes are. But I really don’t know and it kind of makes me mad that I don’t get a full season together anymore. Instead I get 13 or 14 random episodes and not 20 or more episodes of one season. Now they are no better then South Park. South Park only has 14 episodes now in each season so when we buy a full season we only get 14 episodes just like when people buy Family Guy volumes, the only difference is that we are getting the full season of South Park and only part of a season of Family Guy. The last time South Park had more than 14 episodes in a season was seven seasons ago when Bush was in his first term of being a president. I call a season with less than 15 episodes a weak season and a season with 10 or fewer is either a first season or a lazy season. South Park seasons are weak but funny and that is why they sell. So Family Guy is trying to make more money just like South Park is doing. Only selling a certain amount of there episodes on DVD for 30 bucks a piece and if that volume has 15 or less episodes you are paying 2 or more bucks for each episode, what a rip. That is why they invented eBay! If Family Guy wasn’t animated and so random they could never pull off combining half of two seasons together.

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