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Opening Day

In Major League baseball today it is opening day for some teams. Yes March 31st is the first day for baseball play and it probably couldn’t be on a colder day all around the northern and eastern areas. In New … Continue reading

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Kevin McHale: Why he should never show his face in Minnesota

Kevin McHale is a Hall of Famer in the NBA, was the GM for the Minnesota Timberwovles, a coach for them, and now is an news caster for NBA TV. This guy supposedly put up tremendous numbers with the Boston … Continue reading

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The Fab Five

In honor of the Final Four coming up this week I thought I would talk about the Fab Five. For those of you who don’t know the Fab Five were five freshman that played for Michigan back in 1991 and … Continue reading

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There’s always one

You ever watch a game, whether it is basketball, baseball, or football, where you are just watching it just because it is an important game and it might be entertaining. Well I just got done watching the number one Kansas … Continue reading

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Baseball Fantasy Drafts- A breakdown

With Spring right around the corner, or “already here”, baseball season is coming up. The first real games actually start on March 31st, luckily Minnesota doesn’t have a home game until mid April, haha. Baseball drafts I think are getting … Continue reading

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Trying to make sense

Usually I don’t like talking about Global Warming, but I can’t make sense of what it actually is and if it really exists. This is how the scientist say it goes: the world is warming up so the ice caps … Continue reading

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Spring around the cornor?

I thought I would do a post since I haven’t done one for a good week or so since spring break has come and gone. I just want to talk about this time of the year and the season of … Continue reading

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