Top Players Right Now- MLB

The MLB Network on Direct TV has been doing the top players right now count down. They pick the top 100 players right now according to baseball writers around the country along with anyalists and other people are probably involved. They did an okay job for this list. I think they got most of players that deserve to be on this list on in the top 100 but they totally got the numberings wrong for some of them. Now I know they have a special way of putting certain players in there rank and I am actually following this and I see some players that should not be higher then others using there own point system. They go by the last three years of a players stats and future 2011 projections. Some players on this list only have a half of season underway so those players are mainly on there off pure projections. I’m not going to go over the whole list I am simply just going to go over the mess ups they made on this list.
Right off the bat in the first 10 players they have a huge screw up. At 93 they have the first baseman Justin Morneau. I tried not to be biased, as being a Twins fan, at all and as a baseball fan I might have said he should have been at this spot two years ago but now he should be in the top 70 at least, probably in top 50 easy. So the last three years Morneau has hit .300 with 23 homers and 129 RBIs, then .274 with with 30 homers and 100 RBIs, and last year had a sick average of .345 with 18 homers and 56 RBIs in 81 games. Justin was a MVP and a four time all star, 2007-2010 with very good defense and has won two silver slugger awards, which is hard to win at first base. So three all star appearances with one silver slugger the past three years and should have another 100 plus RBIs and 30 plus homers this year. So do those last three years, with the defense, and the projections results in a guy at 93. When outfielders in Jay Bruce, Shane Victorino, Colby Rasmus, a third baseman in Scott Rolen, and a first baseman in David Ortiz are all in front of him is extremely hard to believe. Sports anyalists do you really want me to start comparing Morneau’s numbers to all those guys, it is not even close. Ortiz the last three years: .264, .238, and .270 with 23, 28, and 32 homers with only driving in 100 once in those three years with no awards. He is a DH so no defense and his projections can’t be better than Morneau because Ortiz is older and is wearing out. Rolen has hit over .300 once in the last three years with hitting 20 homers once and he hasn’t even drove in 100 RBIs since 2003, also he is 37 so I don’t know how good his projections can be. The three outfielders must be mainly on projections because they haven’t done that much so far none of these three guys have hit over 25 homers or over a .300 average in a year, with okay defense no gold gloves from these guys yet or to come, Morneau might have two gold gloves in his future. Another problem is Heath Bell being 64 when Carlos Marmol is 61. First off Marmol shouldn’t be this high and especially shouldn’t be in front of Heath Bell. The last two years Bell has 40 plus saves with a ERA, earned run average, under 2.71 each year, last year had an ERA of 1.93. Marmol has had one year as being a good closer going 38 saves in 43 save opportunities, SVO, and not having an ERA under 2.55 the past three years. The only awesome thing about Marmol is how he can strike out players, he had 138 SO’s last year in only 77 innings pitched, that is sick. But that one stat doesn’t make him better then Bell because Bell beats him in saves, save percentage, wins, ERA, and less walks. Also another problem is Adam Dunn being at number 48 when Morneau is at 93. How can this happen Dunn always has a horrible average under .270 each year with bad defense. He can hit bombs and drive in runs but so can Morneau, and he brings the average above .270 with defense and he is younger so he should have better projections right?! Chris Carpenter, number 36 and Zack Greinke, number 38 might be a bit too high becasue of injury and inconsistency at times, I know you could argue that is why Morneau is so low because of injury but Carpenter has been lingering with injuries the last couple of years, last year being an exception. So if Carpenter is this high I think Morneau can be this high as well. It might be because the Twins rock him every outing he pitches, but I never saw Greinke as a top 50 guy because he has only had one awesome season. But I think he is a solid good starter so he should be on this list just don’t know about this high. I do not like Kevin Youkilis or Buster Posey in the top 20 at all. I was never sold on Youkilis until after the 2009 season and then he had a year like last year where he didn’t even get 20 homers and only drove in 6 more runs than Morneau, 62 RBIs. I think he deserves a top 50 or 40 spot because of his last three years, mainly 2008 and 2009, as a hitter. Again if you want to go with projections he is also older than Morneau and only hit one more homer and 6 more RBIs with a worse average than Morneau last season, along with Morneau having 20 less games then Youkilis. So your talking about very close stats and one guy is 93 while the other is 18. I would also like to see Ryan Howard in front of Youkilis. As for Buster Posey he is the great example of pure projections. He is rated at 16 in front of a Carl Crawford. Posey hit a little over .300 with 18 jackers and 67 RBIs in about 108 games played. These are great stats for a catcher and a rookie, but lets see him catch a full season before we put him in the top 20 not just 423 career at bats, shall we. Most catchers slow down at the end of the year and the only catcher I have seen really heat up in September is Joe Mauer. This kid is good and I was impressed with his postseason but not ready to put him at number 16 even with just his pure projections. Any player can have one good season and then just drop off, especially a catcher. I followed the MLB Networks scoring systems with all my complaints, so I think I am right and proved them wrong using there own point system. I mean if we were using the career stats I would put Rolen and Ortiz up higher and in front of Morneau but I am not allowed to do that. I don’t want to sound cocky but I think they really need to look these ratings over or at least try to put the deserving player in there right spot before doing a count down like this. So maybe they want to reconsider doing a count down like this again.

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