Things that will Disappear

Emails can be a good thing and pretty much everyone has them, if you have a Facebook you have an email. I don’t have a Facebook but I do have an email. I was reading this one forward email and it was about nine things that will disappear in our lifetime. I really found it interesting what this person had to say and then when I read it I thought some of the things would not disappear in our lifetime. These are the things that will supposedly disappear: The post office, The check, the newspaper, the book, the lane line telephone, music, television, that “thing” that you own, and privacy. This is the list and not what I think so don’t confuse me with thinking the same thing. I was actually surprised that the post office, the book, music, and television were even on here. For the post office he says that email, UPS, and Fed EX are running them out and that the post office is having financial trouble. I understand the email thing but you could say UPS won’t be around anymore because of the post office. I really don’t think the post office will go down in our lifetime, and if it does then UPS and Fed EX are going down with it. I see way more postal trucks out then I do of Fed EX and I see a couple of USP trucks, so Fed EX will not exist anymore in our lifetime not the post office. Now the book I have heard of before not being in existence anymore because of these iPads or one of the pads or I’s. I’ve heard of it but I really can’t see it happening. I see a book store like Barnes and Nobel and they are in business. That place is busy every time I go there. I don’t see people stop buying books and I don’t think everyone in the world is going to have enough money to buy the Nook eReader, that was what it was called, because we aren’t that rich right now. I see with all this new technology how books could disappear but I think it is very unlikely, at least in my (our) lifetime. This next thing to die is a ridiculous thing and I think will never die, music. This person’s argument about why music is going to die is because of the illegal downloading, buying off iTunes, and that record labels (pretty much everyone in the music industry) is greedy. I really can’t see illegal downloading destroying music because people are still listening to it and there is still radio on the air to play all types of music. With iTunes I think he/she was just trying to say that the CDs aren’t going to sell and this is true. But with buying off iTunes music artists are still getting money for having there music on it and they are still getting paid by the music industry. There are live concerts, music being played on the radio, and normal people in general singing and teaching music. Music is not just about the new shit it is about every single song that has rocked the music world and will continued to be listened to over and over again. Performers are making money off there concerts, music videos, and iTunes, so they will continue to make music because they love what they do and there are a lot of different ways they can make a lot of money. As much as people want to say they don’t need TV because of watching movies online, Netflixs, and shows online now is not true, people will miss it. Look at the online Hulu where they have a lot of different shows and show the new episodes for free. I like this because sometimes I don’t catch a new Family Guy or The Office and watch it online. But Hulu makes you pay for every old video, you have to get a subscription and same with Netflixs. That’s fine and all because it probably will cost less to get a subscription with those two online then to pay for cable. The thing is do people really want to be in front of a computer screen all day. They are small and can be loud. I rather watch TV on an actual Television set that has tons of channels to chose from, and actually has educational stuff on it. I mean lets face it if people watch shows online they aren’t going to be looking for educational shows all the time and sometimes I just stumble onto a title that sounds interesting and learn something new because of the many channels I have to chose from. I also believe that online company’s like Netflixs and Hulu don’t have old cartoons and older shows, if I am wrong tell me. So although all of these things are nice to have I still want to have them, haha. I agree with half of this stuff on the list like privacy is pretty much already gone, “things” that we own, unless you are a hoarder, will most likely be sold or tossed out, the land line will be overcome with the cell phone, the newspaper might still exist but won’t be as big because of technology, and the check will be gone because people already write phony checks to places all the time and people use credit cards or just cash to pay now.

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