Who is winning?

How have I not talked about Charlie Sheen yet? I don’t really care about his shit he is going through and I think the show he does is just awful. I wasn’t even going to waste my time with him but he is just so funny right now. What he is doing right now is the funniest he has ever been, personally I didn’t even know he was labeled as a comedian until I saw 20/20 and he was actually funny for the first time on film. The guys wacko, crazy, bi-polar, a drug and sex addict. Say what you want about this guy he is absolutely hilarious, almost my favoritest comedian now. Not really but he knows how to work the media and he is pretty funny. I haven’t seen the Dateline show on Charlie Sheen yet, but I am pretty sure it was just as good if not better than the 20/20 with Sheen. He is actually making me watch shows I never have watched before because he is so out-there and funny. Whether he is trying to be funny or not this is comedic gold. He’s winning, he’s on the drug called Charlie Sheen, he has one speed which is go!, and at the same time he is bi-winning. Who knows what he is doing or if he is crazy or if he just needs his drugs, whatever the reason is he is at his funniest he has ever been in his whole career. I mean this guy lost his kids, gets caught with prostitutes or strippers like 10 times in his life, has to be rushed to the hospital because of an over dose, and got fired from his job where he was making like 2 million an episode. All this has happened to him but he is still famous and more popular then ever, he’s winning. He is at his top of the game with all this shit has happened to him. Normal people would probably just give up but he just gets stronger and better because he is not normal. Now that he is fired who is going to replace him on the best comedy sitcom on TV?? I put two question marks there first for who will replace him and then asking if this show is really the best comedy sitcom on TV. I have heard John Stamos, Rob Lowe, and who ever else is desperate enough to go on this show could replace him. We got a guy who did Full House and ER for awhile and then the evil dude from Tommy Boy and Wayne’s World. Stamos is a good actor but not a good comedian, and Lowe is a solid comedian but not a great actor, so they would be perfect for the Two and a Half Men writing staff. I barely watch this show, I will admit I have seen about 10 or 15 episodes of this show and it gives me the occasional laugh from the little kid saying something stupid or when the nanny is being lazy, I mainly laugh because I find it funny that they try to make Jon Cryer and the Conchata Ferrell, the nanny, seem funny. I don’t know why people watch this show maybe because people like Sheen as an actor because of all the movies he has been in, but other than that I can’t make sense why this show is so popular. At the rate this show is going they might as well bring in Colin Firth as the replacement and just see how much it bombs, can you say boring! Like I said Two and a Half Men gets good actors just not good comedians. These guys aren’t even comedians all these guys exceed on drama movies or shows, except for Lowe I don’t know what he is good at, he’s more of a guy in the movies with a couple of scenes only. To put a drama guy into a comedy show is hard to do. Comedy is harder to act out you have to sell it, and serious shows or movies are easier to do. Ah never mind this all would matter if the show was actually funny. With a drama guy in Sheen and a bad comedian in Cryer you have one sucky-ass show. Do people actually like Cryer’s character on the show? I hate that character, he is not funny and is just really annoying. I really can’t say if it is because Cryer sucks as acting and comedy or if the writers just make that character so unfunny and annoying. It truly could be either one of those or both, I don’t know. All I know without Sheen in this show it will be all right because it was never that good with him. If they get Sheen back, which is very unlikely, it might be an awesome show because Sheen is at his funniest ever in his career, haha. This show was a horrible show before and it is going to keep being bad until they get better writers or comedians, they need something. If you want true comedy that is still on for a sitcom watch “How I Met your Mother” , it is hilarious. I actually like Neil Patrick Harris now because of this show, actually I started to like him when he was in Harold and Kumar but this show was the cherry on the top. He is a true comedian. What makes a true comedian is when someone is actually funny and is successful. I am not surprised that America has made this show so popular, I mean if America can make Justin Bieber famous we can make any stupid untalented show or person popular. Just to set some of this straight I was being sarcastic about half of the stuff I was writing about, I really do think Sheen is crazy. I was serious about America making this show popular, we got some weird ways of seeing what is good and not good. One day I am just going to give up on America and hopes that they will ever open there eyes and say man this actually sucks. One day, one day. Oh and for who is winning are Sheen, Cryer, and Bieber because they are no talent ugly mothers and they get a bunch of money and are popular. How they do it I have no idea, I’m starting to think anyone can walk into Hollywood or a studio and become famous. But who cares what I think because they are “winning” with money and fame. If fame is really winning.

Here’s a funny stupid clip of the Charlie Sheen song, it’s better than any Bieber song!:

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