The Human Nature of Survival

If anyone has seen the movie “127 Hours” they will have seen the true way a human being will go through to survive or better yet what a human is able to go through, at least this one. The movie is based firmly on the true story of an adventurous, to say the least, adventurer named Aron Ralston. He has gone through tons of life threatening objects in life going mountain climbing up rocks or up snowy mountains that can cave-in and cause an avalanche at any time. Actually back in 2003 after this major live changing event, Ralston went on Dateline NBC six months after it happened and this is where I found out more information about him. Aron said he actually almost had a near death experience a little before the event happened. He went up a mountain to ski or something and an avalanche came upon him and he said all he could see was just a bunch of snow coming after him and everything except his right hand was trapped underneath the snow. That is ironic because with the story of the boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah his right arm, hand, became trapped and smashed in by a loose boulder. At first people might say he is lucky that the boulder didn’t smash his head in or something, but what the next couple of days for Ralston had in store for him maybe he wasn’t so lucky. This is an amazing story, as everyone else has probably said, and shows what the human body can go through and fight through. With barely any sun light, barely any water or food for the past 5 or 6 days, and on the last day tons of blood lost while being dehydrated and at night almost dying from hypothermia from the cold. He had to survive all of that plus after getting loose from the boulder hiking about 7 miles to get close to civilization, “lucky” for him there was a family of three hiking deep in the mountains that helped him in anyway they could. Of course while he was hiking/walking in the mountains to come upon these people he was losing tons of blood and was still majorly dehydrated, even with dirty water he found a little after he saw daylight. All of this is truly amazing but what makes it even more over the top to me is that he survived for 6 DAYS, Friday until Thursday with what little things he had AND having the courage and strength to break and cut off his own arm. They call it amputating his own arm but really it is breaking and cutting it off, call it what you want to make it sound better but that is what he actually had to do to survive. Personally I could not do it, I would stay there and die, this is assuming I would actually be adventurous enough to go on a hike through the mountains for the weekend and do it ALONE. As smart and how much he knows about the outside life he wasn’t very smart and didn’t tell anyone where he was going on that day and when he was coming back. That is the number one rule I learned in my high school environmental awareness class, if wondering off alone always tell someone where you are going and when you are going to come back. He was stupid and selfish but he survived. I have tons of respect for this guy and what he had to go through to survive and still being ALIVE telling his story. I mean it is one thing to survive all of this but then he still is rock climbing and doing all this outdoor stuff like a year after this happened, he’s still living, and he told his story to America six months after this happened. That is courage to go through these events and be in this sucky situation and it shows even more courage going back so soon to the same spot and telling America the whole story. The thing that made this story even more realistic is the video camera he brought with him and actual filmed himself down there to relay messages to his loved ones, that is special to tell them everything you want to before you think you are going to die. He will always have those memories with or without those tapes of himself down there. Now of course this miraculous life changing event has been made into a movie and Ralston is now living out his fantasy’s he had while being down there, having a wife and a new born baby. He had a vision of hugging a 3 year old boy while being down there and he said this back in 2003 on Dateline NBC and now 2010 he has a baby boy, named Leo after a courageous lion. This truly is an inspiring once in a life time remarkable, any other word or phrase you can say, story. He might have lost a right arm but he gained a life.

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  1. michael also says:

    You know, Bosco, when you get to Winona State or where ever you finally decide to go to finish school, I hope you take an Anthropology course or two because I think you’d REALLY enjoy them. Hope you have a great time in Chicago!

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