What food company’s care about

Food company’s like Tyson and Monsanto really don’t care about anything except money, know matter how they get it. Tyson is mainly a meat product company and Monsanto has a lot to do with seeds, I learned this from the movie “Food INC”. Tyson food company pretty much hates chickens, really they hate all animals, and they just toss them around like a rag doll. They also fatten the chickens up on purpose to make more meat and the chickens get so fat they can’t even stand on there own two feet without falling down again. to top it off how do they kill the chickens? They put them through a tube head first and cut there throats off. What an awful way to go, I wouldn’t want to go like that. The movie also showed a part where a farmer cut into a living cows stomach and was messing around in there doing whatever he was doing and this was a huge whole. The farmer said the cow can’t feel a thing, bullshit the cow was probably so quiet because he felt sick and tired from being cut open. If that farmer tried to cut in my stomach for meat his head would be in the ground! Along with animal cruelty that food company’s do they showed a sad story of a mother who lost her son at the age of 2 from eating a hamburger, he got E.coli. And this actually happened before the big break out of E.coli a couple of years ago. This woman is now majorly into getting food companies to be safer or processing there food a different way. She said all she wanted from this company was a sorry and they never did give it to her, mainly because of there ego. Not only do they not care about the animals or the consumers who suffer from there food, but they also don’t give a rats-ass about the workers. I mean they hire illegal immigrants to work for them, they don’t want a lot of legal Americans becasue they might complain and tell people how they are treating there animals and how they produce it, so what are illegals going to do about it? Nothing because they are just happy to have a job. Also when people find out about illegals working for these big company’s like Tyson they go after the person themselves and not the company. If a worker speaks out they are fired. In Monsanto’s case they just go after workers and people by suing them. If a farmer who works for Monsanto save seeds or says something bad (true) about the company they will sue them. This is ridiculous if a person says something about this company that is true how can you go around suing them, whether they work for you or not they have done it. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Monsanto mainly sued people for saying something to send a message and they either lost that case or had to settle, but at least they got the message out right. When they sue someone it makes that farmer or civilian have to pay for a lawyer so even if they win the case it is not really winning for them. Farmers can’t keep up or beat a company like Monsanto because it’s too powerful. Farmers can try to grow and sell by themselves and not answer to a company like this but how are they ever going to make a profit. These big time companies are pretty much evil and are money run company’s, as long as they are getting profit they are happy no matter who or what is affected by them, just terrible. I’m surprised that these company’s didn’t try to sue the movie “Food INC” because it gave them a bad name but it told the truth so they would probably lose. And for this documentary on food all the big time companies like Tyson and Monsanto decline to interview for the movie. Shows how much they really care about there reputation, they are probably like go make the movie it won’t kill our company, people will still buy and eat food. This is true and in the movie it showed how people buy unhealthy food all the time. Why? Because it is cheaper. Food companies make fatty sugary foods cheaper then vegetables, fruits, and grains. So what are consumers going to buy unhealthy junk food. I don’t understand why people are outraged at how so many overweight Americans there are, why do you think? They can’t afford all the healthy food. Now I know it is laziness on the Americans for not working out and off that food but the companies aren’t making it any easier for them, I’m around 180 and I think it need to loose some pounds because of all the junk food I will eat in my college future, I ain’t gonna be rich in college. So now you can truly see the evilness of these companies and who they have an affect, more things and people then I thought they ever did.

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