Fantasy Baseball- do NOT draft

There are a couple of baseball fans who do fantasy baseball, I’m under exaggerating by a lot, and some of them just plain don’t know how to draft, what players to pick at the right spot. This can be good for me because better players, say like a Ryan Howard, can drop to my spot. This also can be irritating toward other fans who can draft and I’ll tell you why. Good drafting is knowing who is the sleeper, good drafters should know more than one good sleeper. In a lot of leagues sleepers aren’t picked until they get close to there ranking but there is always that one guy who takes them in like the 5th round, but this persons every other draft pick didn’t make sense at that point in time during the draft. A Trevor Cahill, who is a sleeper, got picked around this time before a Roy Oswalt and other great pitchers. That is stupid for him to do. I was actually relying on getting Cahill way down the line after I got a couple of good relievers and filled in most of my hitting. I do not get starting pitching in the first 3 rounds, usually it is more like the 6th round because any pitcher can become a 20 game winner one year, you don’t know if a Roy Halladay is going to win 20 games again. So I pretty much fill in my lineup with big power guys with the occasional speed, get two relievers and then one ace, which is usually a pitcher like Clay Buchholz or a Matt Garza. Then I go on filling in the rest of my offensive spots and then get a Cahill or a Ryan Dempster. Personally I don’t understand why people will get a pitcher in the first 2 rounds but there are at least five guys who do it. So getting a starting pitcher in the first three rounds is on my do NOT draft list. Another player or position that you should not draft until later is the catcher. Don’t draft a Joe Mauer in the first four rounds because he is not going to hit 20 homers for you in that ball park, he’ll probably get 10-15 this year with a .330 average. I would probably even take a Victor Martinez before a Mauer because Victor can hit 20 homers or more with a .300 average every year. He is not a good defensive catcher but he is a good hitting one. Plus Victor is going to be a DH most of the year and is on a good hitting team with Detroit. So don’t be picking a Buster Poesy, a Brain MaCann, a Martinez, or a Mauer because there are catchers out there later in the draft that can hit .300 or hit 20 homers like a Soto or a Ruiz. Now I know these guys aren’t as good or are going to get you as many points as Mauer or Victor, but I look at it as when you pick them in the first five rounds that you are passing on an Adam Dunn or an Andre Either. Dunn can hit 40 homers and Either can hit 25 with a great average, so that is who I compare my numbers with when I consider a catcher. So Mauer is put at #30 and Dunn at #37 in the draft and you are pick 30 who are you going to take? And yes Mauer is rated higher in the draft then Dunn. Now there is a second baseman and a shot stop that I decided weren’t worth drafting in the first five rounds, Dustin Pedroia and Jose Reyes. Pedroia isn’t going to steal that much and probably will hit 15 homers with a solid average if he stays healthy and then you have a Rickie Weeks who hit 29 homers with an okay average and stole 11 last year, not to mention he drove in more runs in that year then Pedroia ever has in one year. Weeks is a 6th to 7th round pick and that is where he should be picked. Pedroia is labeled as a 3rd or 4th rounder and he should be picked after Weeks. I would even take a Chase Utely, who is fighting injuries right now, over a Pedroia in the draft because Utley has the potential to hit 20 to 30 in a season and has done it many times in his career. I am a big fan of Jose Reyes and I hate to say this because of the lack of good players at the short stop position, but he is not worth a 3rd to 6th round pick because he has heath problems. This is actually the little problem for me about him, I really don’t like that he only stole 30 some odd bases last year when he was healthy for most of the season. 38 stolen bases with ten homers isn’t as good as 30 home runs in the way most fantasy leagues do there point system. Usually stolen bases are worth two points and home runs are worth four. So I rather get a 2B in Dan Uggla who can hit 30 plus homers. Reyes has to prove to me that he can steal 50 again in one season. I would love to pick him in the 6th or 7th round but he barely ever falls because SS is just so weak. But you get a Uggla now then you can get a Ramirez, or a Drew later at SS and if you really want to be risky take an Alex Gonzalez from the Braves who hit 23 homers last year, and he never gets picked in the draft so he can be your last pick. One last thing about who is on the do NOT draft list is don’t draft a 3B like David Wright or even Evan Longoria over a first base man like Cabrera and Votto. People you can get A-Rod or Bautista in the third round for you 3B! And both of those first baseman will hit 30 homers with above .300 average, which they both did last year. Neither one of those third baseman hit .300 or hit 30 homers, but people still pick them before them, they usually pick Longoria with the fourth overall pick, I would rather have the SS Troy Tulowitzki or 1B Ryan Howard.

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